THE ECLECTIC SECTION SELECTION Psych - Prog - Folk - Private Pressings & Beyond
Note: photos of laminated/shrinkwrapped covers may show reflections from flash.

New titles added December 14, 2016.

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NEW! ANDREAS AARFLOT - Det Rivna Pianot (Manifest) Sweden 1978
North-Swedish prog/fusion. Seen some comparatively crazy prices on this lately.
Record: s1 strong G, s2 VG, both with very light surflines & scuffing only, which will do little or nothing.
Cover: G; looks like 9/10 copies of this title... i e quite a bit of rwing/shelfwear (esp ofc); seam/spine/cornerwear; creases
at spine/seams; one very light cornerbend; really light wear at opening f/b. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ABEL - Please World (Fantasy) USA 1970
Bay Area band that's top of the pile when it comes to horn-rock; very together sound with monster fuzz in place on
several tracks.
Record: s1 EX, s2 VG+; micro warp nap.
Cover: nice G; in shrink; half top seam is frayed & has a partial really discreet split, otherwise minor overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

Re from master tapes of odd whimsical, theatrical pre-Ithaca/Agincourt 1969 mega-rare LP. Best bits are truly weird/psychedelic, but overall
I find this hard to get a grip on.
Record: EX; a minimal surfmark or two, but should be unplayed; minimal warp nap.
Cover: EX; in shrink; basically like new except for a really light disc indentation ofc.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

NEW! ARIZONA INDIAN YOUTH MUSIC CARAVAN - Peace, My Friend (Universal Audio) USA 1970?
Obscure release documenting a tour which young native Americans did to 'involve young Indian people in the church and
communicate Indian problems and concerns'. Opens with a cover of "Let It Be" with new lyrics, also three songs by Ray
Repp & three by Tom Bee (the Xit guy); several songs have hand percussion & chanting, both in a more trad way
(like on "Zuni Sunrise"), but also used in a more contemporary style (like on the great, long "Some Day - At Peace").
An odd little album with some excellent haunting bits & a lost-in-tyme vibe/sound. The Guitar Ensemble of another universe?
Record: visually s1 VG, s2 VG+; cheap/noisy pressing though (comes through more on s1); warp nap.
Cover: G; in shrink; really nice except for 1" split top seam at opening & bends/slight tears at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE BAND - Stage Fright (Capitol) USA 1970
Record: very strong F; light lines/marks only; mostly detectable through some minor crackle betwwen tracks.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; tiny ss; top 2" of spine's worn/frayed; light ring/shelfwear; small tobc; minor wobc; very light soiling.
No outer thingie.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

THE BAND - Moondog Matinee (Capitol) USA 1973
No outer cover, just regular one.
Record: VG; some very light surflines + a few tiny pressing bubbles - you'll hardly notice anything though.
Cover: VG+; two pin-holes near opening, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! STEVE BARON QUARTET - The Mother Of Us All (Tetragrammaton) USA 1969
Promo copy of excellent moody, jazzy, folky, psychy LP, rather underrated. Listed among the 'best buys' in the 1st AA. I bought this to upgrade...
what was sold to me as EX/EX is what you see below - possibly of use as cover upgrade or check-it-out copy for someone?
Record: plays G or better except for the following; 2nd half of s1t2 has ticks & a few louder pops + two brief skips; pops beginning of t3; a rather quiet
rasp for a while at the beginning of s2t1; wlp.
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; 1/2" split at very bottom of spine; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear at opening f/b; a couple
of minor cornerbumps/bends; near invisible "Not for sale Promotional copy" indentation obc.
Price: SOLD

BELT & BRACES ROAD SHOW BAND - same (no label) UK 1975
Mildly folky UK prog private press; 7-piece band with arty/weird vibe/sound. Mixed vocals, flute & keys, cello, some prominent electric soloing. Pretty interesting LP.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; has a very discreet 1" ss mid-top, otherwise this is like new. Insert.
Price: SEK 150 / $18

NEW! DAVE BERRY - This Special Sound Of (Decca) UK 1966
OK - if wimpy - mid-60s pop, but has some r'n'b moments too, including a rather cooking "I Love You Babe" with great lead guitar, likely from Jimmy Page who
(along with John Paul Jones) guested on some Berry recordings. This has a partially different track list (and running order) than what's listed in the Discogs
discography, also different sleeve notes (& design of them) obc... and it's two years earlier (i e not 1968) as well. Mono.
Record: nice F; lotsa lines, but light ones only - I spotchecked thoroughly & it plays nicely; micro warp nap.
Cover: strong G; light spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; sealing stkr f/b; faint stkr stain obc; light age-yellowing/soiling obc; light
wear at opening f/b; some light creases, mostly at spine; thin/light tobc.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

BLACK SABBATH - same (Vertigo) Germany 1970
German big swirl original.
Record: G; looks a grade higher, but plays with background surfnoise.
Cover: lower end of VG+; fo; light overall wear only except for tiny cornerwear/bump/bend bottom right; slight 'ringwear' inside gatefold as is almost always the case.
Price: SOLD

NEW! BLACKWELL - same (Astro) USA 1970

Texas band doing pretty good psych & early prog as well as some softer/sappier tracks. The good stuff's full of swirling
organ & fine lead guitar, peaking on the classic "Mr. Jupiter", all spacey sound effects & fuzz. I've always felt that the singer
had an odd  voice for its time - almost like he's predating glamrock or something. Promo copy.
Record: VG+; wlp.
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; two light cornerbends; minimal wear ofc at opening; really tiny sawcut.
Price: SEK 250 / $27    

NEW! BLOODSTONE - Unreal (London) USA 1973
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: VG+; tiny cornerbump + very liggt overall wear only; punch hole. Orig inner.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

BLANDAT BAND (Tibet 46) Sweden 1974
Scarce V/A LP on tiny label, consisting of demos that various underground acts sent in to a radio show. Ragnar Borgedahl, Sanitetsgruppen, Jämmer & Elände, Sjön Suger a o. All exclusive material, if I remember correctly - folk, rock, prog, several great acts/tracks.
Record: M-; looks unplayed.
Cover: EX; really tiny cornerding, otherwise minimal overall wear only. Booklet + insert.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

COLIN BLUNSTONE - Ennismore (Epic) UK 1972

2nd solo from ex-Zombies singer; UK original.
Record: G
Cover: VG; light seam/cornerwear; light rw; minimal wear obc at opening; wobc; 'I don't believe in miracles' hype stkr ofc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7 

NEW! BUDDY BOHN - Places (Happy Tiger) USA 1969
Quiet folkie; both he & the neat sorta generic-looking cover must've been impossibly outdated by the late 60s... but a
zone of his own is better than no zone at all. Also: "proud breasts of Bali".
Record: s1 VG, s2 G.
Cover: nice G; minimal spinewear; seam/cornerwear; really small splits top seam at opening & spine; 3" split mid-bottom seam; light ring/shelfwear.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

BRASS CONNECTION - same (Palo Alto) USA 1980

Record: Sealed.
Cover: Sealed; a couple of minimal corner bumps.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

BROKEN GLASS - same (Capitol) UK 1975

Scarce UK original of surprisingly obscure bluesrock from a sort of 3rd divison supergroup - Miller Anderson, Stan Webb, Robbie Blunt, Mac Poole, Rob Rawlinson.
Record: EX; a few really light surflines s1.
Cover: nice G; some seam/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; tiny tofc at opening; tobc from sealing stkr removal - white-on-white though & not too visible; some light soiling f/b; super-light creasing at spine. Has a real tiny '1976' stamped into front cover. Insert.
Price: SOLD

BRONCO - Ace Of Sunlight (Island) UK 1971
Original pink rim copy of fine UK rootsy/rural/countryrock.
Record: VG
Cover: very strong G; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; some light creasing, mmostly at spine; tiny bits of light stkr residue/soiling ofc; tiny tears inside fo; minor wear obc at opening; very light cornerbumps.
Price: SOLD

NEW! BROTHERHOOD - same (RCA Victor) USA 1968
Post-Raiders & same outfit who did the classic Friendsound LP around the same time as this one. Here it's a garagey late 60s
mixed pop bag with psych influences, like the sitar on 'Doin' The Right Thing" & UK pop-psych on "Jump Out The Window". Fine
guitars, flute etc. This is the orange label, not sure if it slipped out on black first?
Record: very strong VG; very light surflines only.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light rw; 1" split bottom seam at opening; a tiny cornerbend; one light crease ofc; bc is
a tiny bit funky-looking from printing procedure; micro wear ofc at opening; spine's ever so slightly faded; drillhole.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! BROTHERHOOD - Brotherhood Brotherhood (RCA Victor) USA 1969
More of the same with a couple of moody psych highlights in "Glory Train" (complete with backwards bits) & version of "Love Sketch"
(also on the Friendsound LP); great heavy fuzz on cover of "California Dreamin'".
Record: S1 nice VG with light surflines/scuffing only, s2 G with a few light marks, but you won't notice much except for a bit of background
crackle s2t4.
Cover: G; would've been a solid VG if it weren't for a 3" split mid-bottom seam; very light cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; cc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

BERTHA BELLE BROWNE - same (Roulette) USA 1972
Rather obscure/overlooked LP but very tasty sort of bent jazzy ssw with a funky undercurrent; lots of cool guitar - plenty of wah-wah - keys, great rhythm section & overall a much more involved sound than what's usually found on this type of LPs. Vocally Bertha sounds quite like an unhinged Lydia Pense, while sleeve notes let us know that she's an 'Aries out of Texas. East-West Village mother/lover of them all. Surely the illegitimate nocturnal offspring of Galli-Curci and Huddie Ledbetter or maybe a precious souvenir of that unforgettable night when Momma Willie Mae Thronton made it with Giacomo Puccini.' Cool LP.
Record: VG+; some very faint surflines/scuffing only, looks just about unplayed; minimal warp nap.
Cover: VG+; fo; some very light overall wear only + lbl stofc.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS - Winds Of Change (MGM) Germany 1967
Orig German single-sleeve copy of wonderfully over-the-top psych - there's some seriously out-there things going on here & on the equally awesome "The Twain Shall Meet". Way cooler than any studio hack exploito LPs!
Record: VG; minimal scratch s1t2 pops three times.
Cover: lower end of VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear, mostly ofc; one slight cornerbend; a few minimal creases; very light wear ofc at opening; really small & near-invisble wobc.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! ERIC BURDON - Declares War (MGM) USA 1970
Record: EX; a wee bit of scuffing, but it basically looks unplayed.
Cover: EX; in shrink; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! ERIC BURDON & WAR - The Black-Man's Burdon (MGM) USA 1970
2LP set.
Records: both EX; a wee bit of scuffing, but basically they both look unplayed.
Cover: very strong VG; do; some rather minor cornerbends/bumps; some light seam/spinewear; minimal ringwear;
light shelfwear; one really light/thin 'scratch' (more like a line) ofc. Dollar's still here & in mint condition too.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

SOLOMON BURKE - We're Almost Home (MGM) USA 1972
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; two very gently bent corners.
Price: SEK 120 / $15

NEW! THE BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND - In My Own Dream (Elektra) USA 1968
Record: G; light scratch pops briefly beginning of s1t4, then ticks very lightly for about half the track; minimal warp nap.
Cover: F; fo; some seam/corner/edgewear; quite a bit of spinewear; light ring/shelfwear f/b, more inside gatefold; faint wofc; very light
soiling/age-yellowing; some bends & creases.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

CHARLIE BYRD - [Direct Disc Recording] (Crystal Clear) USA 1977
Audiophile 45 rpm 12" mini-LP on white vinyl. Awesome cover screams out private press folk psych monster, and while it may not be a bona fide monster musically, it's definitely really good, esp s1. Awesome players, of course, but also a very warm & inviting sound, latino/flamenco-influenced folky jazz, with acoustic guitar, bass, drums, flute, trombone.Limited edition - doesn't mention any specifics though.
Record: EX; micro warp nap.
Cover: EX; very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD


BYRDS - Mr. Tambourine Man (Columbia) USA 197?
70s pressing on red/orange label.
Record: EX
Cover: strong VG+; very light overall wear only, bordering on higher grade.
Price: SOLD

BYRDS - Fifth Dimension (Columbia) USA 197?
70s pressing on red/orange label.
Record: strong VG+; stol.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only, except for faint stkr residue ofc at spine. Has ubiquitous stobc + markings in felt pen to block out any mention of Columbia.
Price: SOLD

NEW! CANNED HEAT - Boogie With (Libery) USA 1968
Classic, classy 2nd with a bunch of all-time highs, including "Whiskey Headed Woman No.2", which was the first I ever heard by them -
it still sends me back to a whole other place/time.
Record: G; light lines & marks only.
Cover: nice G; light seam/cornerwear, slightly more on spine; light ring/shelfwear; tobcs/slight stkr residue obc - not very striking
because of b/w cvr art; minimal soiling obc; very light ding/cornerbend bottom front
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! CANNED HEAT & JOHN LEE HOOKER - Hooker N' Heat (Liberty) USA 1970
Essential 2LP set; includes the smokin' The 11:35 "Boogie Chillen No. 2".
Records: a few surflines/scuffing, but still VG+ on both; tiny mark very end of t4 does nothing.
Cover: G; fo; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; minimal ss; a couple of minor cornerbends/bumps; minimal wear ofc at opening.
Price: SOLD

CARTOONE - same (Atlantic) USA 1969
US pressing of one-off release by a UK band mostly known for having Jimmy Page helping them out, but they should be better known for the quality of tracks like "Knick Knack Man" & "Withering Wood", both in a sort of post-psych/pre-prog Traffic/Family style & rather excellent too. Some other tracks are too wimpy, but much of this is pretty good.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; fo; minor seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; light soiling/staining obc; insignificant stkr tofc; drillhole.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

CHARLEY D. AND MILO - same (Epic) USA 1969

Neat countryrock LP, though I dig the front cover tree the most.
Record: EX; minimal mark s2t4 cause three or so very light background ticks - still good enough for grade though.
Cover: nice VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; really light rw; slight cornerbend; cc.
Price: SEK 120 / $14

CHICAGO - At Carnegie Hall (CBS) UK 1971
4LP box.
Records: 1: EX except for very brief, very light noise at the very beginning of s1t2 / 2: EX / 3: EX / 4: VG+; scuffing only.
Cover: box is G; front is nice with minor wear only + right/left sides are slightly 'bent'; back has some shelfwear; a few small tears; stains at bottom corners. Original inners + booklet (like new), no poster.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

CLOGS - same (Peg) UK 1972
Classy Brit folk sampler with Steeleye Span ('Rave On', 45 track not on any of the original LPs), Keith Christmas, Spirogyra, Marc Ellington, Andy Roberts ('Richmond', which I think might be non-LP as well), Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy, Shelagh McDonald, Tim Hart & Maddy Prior.
Record: G; nothing too bad; warp nap.
Cover: strong G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; soiling obc; small ancient price tag ofc; minimal wear obc at opening. Insert.
Price: SEK 60 / $7 

NEW! C.O.B. - Spirit Of Love (Tapestry) Euro 200?
Limited (well, 1000 copies) re in single sleeve (Tapestry added a gatefold for their 2nd pressing) of monster 1971 UK LP. I used to think
"Moyshe" was their best, but in the last decade I've changed my mind about this. In any event both are some of the very best UK
folk-&-far-beyond-that records ever & everyone should own this in one form or the other.
Record: VG+; has some scuffing & light surflines, but these do not sound... so I figure VG+ is appropriate despite these visual imperfections.
Cover: strong EX; in shrink; like new with the only thing keeping it from higher grade being a superlight manufacturing tweak/bend at top
front at opening.
Price: SEK 160 / $17

ORNETTE COLEMAN - Ornette On Tenor (Atlantic) USA 1962
Record: nice VG; light lines only.
Cover: VG; some seam/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; initials wobc.
Price: SOLD


NEW! CONTACT - Hon Kom Över Mon (MNW) Sweden 1971
I think this is one of the best early 70s Swedish LPs, far more interesting than many of the rarer titles. Has a rather unique folk-folkrock-folkprog sound + a couple of tracks with definite psych leanings as well. Full band + plenty of fiddles, sax etc. Highly recommended.
Record: VG
Cover: VG; fo; spine's a tad flat & has some wear, otherwise this is nice with light overall wear only - very little of the bends/creases etc that usually plague this fragile design. No booklet, as per usual - I've had many copies of this record but only once(!) have I had the booklet.
Price: SOLD

CONTINENTAL UPTIGHT BAND - Beautiful Friendship (Imperial) Holland 1970

Rather soft folkpop/folkprog with 6 & 12-string, keys, mixed vocals & a cover of Moby Grape's "8:05".
Record: strong VG+ except for some very light surfnoise opening seconds both sides & a coupla pops s2t2.
Cover: G; downgraded because of stkr tear/residue bottom back, otherwise a solid VG: very light seam/cornerwear; some light ring/shelfwear; stofc; lbl stobc; micro stain obc; minimal beginning of a ss at opening top.€
Price: SEK 80 / $9

COUNTRY GAZETTE - What A Way To Make A Living (Transatlantic) UK 1977

Bluegrass with guests like Byron Berline, Richard Greene a o.
Record: Sealed
Cover: VG+; sealing stkr f/b (i e not shrinkwrapped), otherwise just minor storage wear.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - Electric Music For Mind And Body (Vanguard) USA 1967
This still sounds like the best record ever whenever I put it on... Prime Bay Area acid rock from before everything got too
big & messed-up. Punchy mono.
Record: VG; has lines & scuffing, but very light ones only.
Cover: VG+; in shrink; really tiny cornerbump + a faint bit of shelf/seamwear obc where a small piece of shrink's missing,
otherwise really light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! RICK CUNHA - Songs (GRC) USA 1974
Solo LP from ex-Hearts & Flowers guy, in a ssw/folkie/countryrock LA/Nashville bag/sound. "Jesse James (Is An Outlaw, Honey", "Clinging To The
Edge Of The World" a o.
Record: strong EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: strong EX; in shrink; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

DAMIEN - Shades From The Past (The Lost Tapes) (Kommun2/To The Death) Sweden 2012
2LP set (three sides of music, one etched) in doomy gatefold. Recorded in 1984-85, previously unreleased. I've not heard this, but it's obviously metal of some kind... one copy only.
Records: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; minimal wear bottom seam at opening where shrink's popped open a tiny bit.
Price: SEK 200 / $24

NEW! DANIEL & MARY DAUVIN - Jubilation (American) USA 1973
Homemade 300 press of xian folk with acoustic guitar, femme vocals, harmonica & a rustic, earthy, honest sound. Plain white cover with title hand-
written ofc. Very obscure!
Record: very strong G; light lines/marks only.
Cover: nice F; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring shelfwear; top seam split half the way from opening; tiny cornerbump; tiny stain/light age-yellowing/soiling.
Price: SOLD

SPENCER DAVIS & PETER JAMESON - It's Been So Long (United Artists) UK 1976

Laidback folkpop with some bluesy guitarwork; beautiful titletrack. Gimmick cover.
Record: s1 strong VG, s2 VG+; both with very light surflines only.
Cover: strong VG; stofc; slight stkr residue ofc; light crease & tiny tear obc where you close the envelope, otherwise light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

DAWNWIND - Looking Back On The Future (English Autumn) UK 1997
Ltd re (300 copies) in re-designed cover of rare 1976 Welsh folkrock/singersongwriter sounds. Four guys on acoustic guitars, but also electric guitar & bass, harmonica, piano, mandolin, fiddle, vocal harmonies. Pretty nice record that creeps up on you with time, but it may sound a bit samey at first.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; one cornerbump, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 200 / $24

NEW! CLAUDE DENJEAN - Open Circuit (Decca) UK 1973
More moog sounds + guitar/bass/keys/drums from other guys.
Record: G
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear, esp 1" mid-spine; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear at opening f/b; some light bends & creases; shop stoc;
some soiling & light stains obc; micro ss.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

Very cool Dave Allan & The Arrows OST to a biker flick which I'd love to see one day. Monster fuzz a-plenty! Might be the shortest full-length album I've come across.
Record: looks P with plenty of light surfmarks/scuffing/light scratches - but it plays amazingly well, loud & clear & apart from some minor background crackle between tracks you'll hardly notice a thing!
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; really light cornerbend; a few faint creases; minimal wear
at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! BO DIDDLEY - Another Dimension (Chess) USA 197?
Slightly later pressing of fun 1971 LP.
Record: VG+; has paper scuffing, but appears to've hardly been played at all.
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear ofc; minimal wear obc at opening; big cc.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! WILLIAM EATON - Music By (no label) USA 1978
Totally private release full of very quiet, sparse sounds on guitar & a few other strings (zither?), slightly effect-treated to
create a kinda hazy, dreamy feel. Some very occasional percussion sounds as well. No track titles, which further enhances
the feel of a slowly drifting continuous flow.
Record: s1 VG+ because of some very light scuffing, s2 EX. This hasn't seen many rotations!  
Cover: VG+;  superlight overall wear + a tiny cornerbump, two gentle cornerbends & one near-invisible small stain ofc.
Price: SOLD

NEW! EGBA - Jungle-Jam (Sonet) Sweden 1974
Well-known Swedish funky jazz-prog-fusion.
Record: VG; light lines/marks only.
Cover: strong VG+ with light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

NEW! BERNDT EGERBLADH - Nybyggarland (Sonet) Sweden 1973
Excellent LP from north-Swedish keyboard player, backed here by Bertil Strandberg, Sture Nordin, Ahmadu Jarr a o. Slightly reminiscent of
Jan Johansson at times, although this has a fuller/ more progressive 70s jazz sound, which Johansson for obvious reasons never got to toy around with.
Record: EX
Cover: EX; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ELECTRIC PRUNES - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (Reprise) USA 1967
A few  novelty crap tracks on this debut LP, but the best stuff's killer & even title track still maintains its monster status in this
household. Mono.
Record: F; plays pretty cool & frequently a grade higher; light warp nap.
Cover: G; light seam/spine/cornerwear, except parts of top seam which has some minor fraying (or possibly repaired ss, hard to tell);
ring/shelfwear; light age-yellowing/super-light soiling obc; one tiny cornerbump; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD

NEW! FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live At The L.A. Troubadour (Island) UK 1976
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: EX; minimal overall wear only + less-than-neat drillhole.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Farewell-Farewell (Simons) UK 1980
Record: s1 EX, s2 VG+; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; micro tobc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

FAMILY - Entertainment (See For Miles) UK 1987

There was a time in my young life when the See For Miles reissues seemed like pure Magic... 1st two Family were amongst the finest of the lot. This, the 2nd, is almost as good as the more acclaimed "Doll's House", only the rockin' "Second Generation Woman" goes off track. Some of finest sounds from the UK if you ask me.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG+; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; tiny bit of stkr residue ofc; light bending/creasing f/b at opening.
Price: SOLD

NEW! FEM ÄLGAR I ETT BADKAR - same (GMP) Sweden 1980
A k a "Tågen Från Bastuträsk"; scarce local proggy rock 7" EP with a young Arne Jonasson pre-Njutånger/Holy River Family Band/Cauldron/Chameleon/Brotherhood Of Eternal Love & more.
Record: New/unplayed; some faint surflines/scuffs though; small reference stols1
Cover: VG+; some light storage wear + light bending at opening.
Price: SOLD

FIRESIGN THEATRE - Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers (Columbia) USA 1970
Not sure if this slipped out on the 360 label first, in any event this is the red/orange one.
Record: s1 VG because of some very minor light marks, s2 VG+.
Cover: VG; tiny ss, otherwise light overall wear only. Big poster in very nice condition.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

FIVE BY FIVE - Next Exit (Paula) USA 1968
Garage/r'n'b/club sounds from young guys with plenty of 45s to their name. Excellent fuzz & organ on some tracks. Version of "7 And 7 Is" smokes! Muscle Shoals guys Eddie Hinton & Jimmy Johnson lurk in the background.
Record: mostly EX, but there are some light ticks on parts of s2t4 so VG on that one. Also, Paula pressings tend to be a bit cheap.
Cover: VG+; some light seam/spine/cornerwear; minimal ring/shelfwear obc; very light wear obc at opening.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

FLEETWOOD MAC - The Original Fleetwood Mac (CBS) UK 1971
Previously unreleased material from the vintage years.
Record: beautiful EX.
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; minimal wear at opening f/b; a few tiny creases; light ding/tweak at spine; micro toc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! FLYING MACHINE - same (Janus) USA 1969
Slightly tampered-with US release of Pye UK LP; opens with the sappy-but-kinda-neat "Smile A Little Smile For Me", which
made its way onto a UK psych comp or two.
Record: VG; looks a grade higher, but pressing's a tad noisy; drillhole through label.
Cover: lower end of VG; mostly just some light overall wear, but downgraded because of some fraying/tears on back cover slick at opening &
a few marks (needle? teeth?) next to cc; drillhole.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

FOCUS - 3 (Polydor) Germany 1972
2LP set.
Records: disc 1 G; very light marks/lines only, disc 2 VG+.
Cover: VG; fo; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; light wear at openings; light soiling; some really tiny creases.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

FOCUS - Hamburger Concerto (Polydor) UK 1974
Record: EX
Cover: lower end of VG+; fo; some light overall wear + small-ish name wobc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! FOLLY'S POOL - same (Century) USA 1977
On paper a mix of LA countryrock & prog sounds borderline horrible, but this cool custom press shows it actually works fine; nice mix of acoustic & electric guitars, flute, plenty of vocal harmonies & longish tracks. "Fallen Pony" is especially good, but even if things occasionally go too prog for me, I still find it rather solid all through. I dig the front cover too.
Record: looks very strong G, but plays VG+ ; some superlight surflines/marks & one light almost completely inaudible scratch s2; micro warp nap.
Cover: strong G; very light seam/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; some cornerbends/bumps/creases; minimal wear ofc at opening.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE FOOL - same (Mercury) USA 1969
Over-the-top freaky Dutch outfit moving into UK hip scenes (Beatles, ISB etc) & coming out with a crazy psych LP; effects, eastern moves,
bellydance hand percussion etc. Great coverart!
Record: VG+; a few surflines s1 do nothing; tiny bit of surfnoise on intro grooves; minimal warp nap.
Cover: nice G; fo; light seam/corner/edgewear + 1" wear mid-spine; really light ring/shelfwear; a very slight discolouration along top
seam/edge, spine, along top & left side of back & along top inside gatefold - like I said it's very light though!; two drillholes.
Price: SEK 250 / $27

NEW! FRIAR TUCK And His Psychedelic Guitar (Mercury) USA 1967
Early psych exploitio with Mike Deasy, Curt Boettcher a o. Cool/wild guitar from Deasy! Mono.
Record: VG+
Cover: strong G; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; 1" split bottom seam at opening; minimal beginnings of splits top
seam at spine & opening.
Price: SOLD

NEW! FRIJID PINK - Earth Omen (Lion) USA 1972
Heavy guitar/organ-driven Detroit rock; very powerful sound. Dig the  Hawkwind-esque riff on closer "Mr. Blood"!
Record: VG+.
Cover: nice G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; one minor cornerbend; tiny cornerbump; minimal wear obc at opening; cc.
Price: SOLD

FROGGIE BEAVER - From The Pond (Froggie Beaver) USA 1973
Fine melodic proggy rock private press from Nebraska; slightly dreamy/guitar/organ sound, vocal harmonies.
Record: looks strong VG, plays VERY nicely.
Cover: strong VG; some wear at spine, esp at bottom where there's a discreet beginning of a split + minimal beginning of split on top seam at opening, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 700 / $76

FROST - Rock And Roll Music (Vanguard) USA 197?
Slightly later pressing on marble label in non-gatefold of 1969 partly live-recorded (Grande Ballroom, Detroit) sweaty rawk, some long tracks. Personally I don't understand how they ended up here less than a year after the excellent "Frost Music"... but the r'n'r guys out there apparently don't agree with me.
Record: beautiful EX.
Cover: very strong EX; absolutely minimal overall wear only; cc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! THE FUGS - First Album (ESP) USA 1966
1st ESP pressing of 1965 Broadside LP with every track being a classic. This blew the minds of lots of heads who were
part of the Swedish underground scene of the time. Actually, it also blew the minds of a head or two participant
in the somewhat less celebrated Swedish underground scene of the early 90s as well!
Record: s1 G with mostly light lines; s2 is F with obvious scuffing + some needlemarks, but plays a grade better.
Cover: strong G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; shelfwear + really light rw; a bit of age-yellowing, mostly obc; small wobc; minor
rubber stamp obc; a tiny bit of soiling obc.
Price: SOLD

AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - same (Cupol) Sweden 1968
I can feel Sillstryparn coming after me for listing this... scarce pre-Abba LP.
Record: looks G, plays really nice.
Cover: EX; has a really faint scrape mark ofc, otherwise minmal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 250 / $29

GENESIS - Nursery Cryme (Philips) Germany 1971
Record: EX
Cover: very strong VG; fo; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; tiny ding at top seam; very light shelfwear.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! HERBIE GOINS & THE NIGHTIMERS - No. 1 In Your Heart (Parlophone) UK 1967
Rare soul LP. Mono.
Record: looks P, plays a rather decent F; has surfnoise but it's of a background character - obvious between tracks, otherwise not too bad  & unless
you're a mint freak it's fully enjoyable.
Cover: strong VG; name/date in ballpoint obc, otherwise light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE BARRY GOLDBERG REUNION - same (Buddah) Germany 1968
A k a "There's No Hole In My Soul"; overlooked/underrated slightly psychedelic LP with lotsa hot lead guitar from Harvey Mandel. Good one!
Record: strong EX; looks pretty much unplayed.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! BARRY GOLDBERG - 2 Jews Blues (Buddah) USA 1969
With Charlie Musselwhite, Harvey Mandel, Duane Allman, Eddie Hinton, David Hood a o.
Record: s1 looks EX, but has light background noise here & there; s2 G because of some light marks very beginning of t1, some brief pops
t3 & light intermittent background noise t4.
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; light cornerbends/bumps; really light wear at opening f/b; drillhole.
Price: SEK 80 / $9 

NEW! GONG - Gazeuse! (Virgin) UK 1976
Record: EX
Cover: very strong VG+; a tiny corner bump & very light overall wear only. Poster in top condition.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

LENA GRANHAGEN - Sjunger Theodorakis & Biermann (Proprius) Sweden 1972
I always put in a minor rave for this... good value for your money if sligthly psychy folk is your bag - s1 is really good with eastern influences via tablas & electric sitar + flute, wah-wah etc. S2 is, naturally, more teutonic. Heavy session guys backing - Schaffer, J:son Lindh, Bandel a o.
Record: looks VG with some light surflines only, but as is always the case with this it plays with background surfnoise - an unavoidable part of the package here.
Cover: nice VG with light overall wear only & a tiny stkr stain ofc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! GRIMMS - Rockin' Duck (Island) UK 1973
Oddity from a bunch of well-known UK names - Neil Innes, Mike McGear, Andy Roberts, Ollie Halsall, Gerry Conway a o.
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: very strong VG+ with a couple of very light corner creases keeping it from the EX grade. Duck is EX.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

WLODEK GULGOWSKI - Soundcheck (Polydor) Sweden 1976

Funky fusion with Gulgowski on a multitude of keys + Anthony Jackson & Steve Gadd on bass & drums.
Record: very strong G; really light surflines only, which won't do much - will play much better than grade.
Cover: very strong VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; micro creasing at spine. This wears easily - copy here is one of the best covers I've had actually.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

GUNDER HÄGG - Vargatider (MNW) Sweden 1970
Their 2nd - still eccentric & interesting; players include guys from Internation Harvester & Arbete & Fritid.  Yellow/blue label.
Record: G
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; a faint corner bend & some light general bending & creasing; very light soiling obc; a couple of minimal cornerbumps & ditto wear ofc at opening. Insert.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! HARDTIMES - Blew Mind (World Pacific) USA 1968
Mixed bag of 60s sounds - pop, garagey stuff, psych... "Under The Sunlight" is brilliant sunshine folk pop with raga psych moves &
titletrack sounds like WCPAEB's kid brother. Includes a couple of guys from T.I.M.E.
Record: visually really nice VG+ with couple of light surflines/marks only; plays the grade and better except for a few brief lapses into
VG territory.
Cover: nice F; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; 3/4 of very bottom of front next to seam is frayed;
top seam is 1" cardboard-bare next to spine + has a 2" ss at opening; tiny wobc; very gentle creasing at spine.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ROY HARPER - Flat, Baroque And Berserk (Chrysalis) Canada 197?
Single-sleeve late 70s Canadian pressing.
Record: EX
Cover: EX; very slightly 'tweaked' at spine + really light cornerbumps, otherwise minmal overall wear only. Drillhole.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ROY HARPER - Lifemask (Chrysalis) Canada 197?
Late 70s Canadian pressing.
Record: s1 EX, s2 strong VG with a few light surfmarks which'll hardly do a thing; minor warp nap.
Cover: EX; very slightly 'tweaked' at spine + two faint cornerbumps, otherwise minimal overall wear only; drillhole.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ROY HARPER - One Of These Days In England (Bullinamingvase) (Chrysalis) Canada 1977
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: EX; very slightly 'tweaked' at spine, otherwise minimal overall wear only; drillhole.
Price: SOLD

NEW! LEE HAZLEWOOD - 20th Century Lee (RCA Victor) Sweden 1976
Record: EX
Cover: very strong EX; a tiny touch of overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

Record: VG; some light lines/marks only.
Cover: VG+; small white shop stofc, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! JIMI HENDRIX - In The Beginning (Shout) Canada 1972
1966 recordings with Lonnie Youngblood; I hadn't heard this in, what, 20 years maybe & was surprised at how good it is, esp the 11:24
"Let The God Sing" is awesome - and sounds way ahead of its time for the vintage.
Record: EX
Cover: lower end of VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; a bit of ring/shelfwear; minimal toc; light stkr stain ofc; a couple of very light
creases along spine; micro wear at opening f/b; sawcut.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

Slightly later press from when this must've already been severely out of fashion... originally from 1968, of course, with Traffic in their psych prime, Spencer Davis Group and one track from ex-John's Children Andy Ellison.
Record: VG; very nice VG+ except for light scratch s2
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only; cc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! HOLLINS & STARR - SIdewalks Talking (Ovation) USA 1970
Airy hippie folk into folk-psych with strong songs & neat arrangements (lotsa flute!), sound effects, odd bits + one heavy fuzz/trumpet weird rocker which almost sounds like it could've come off Marc Lebel. Old fave of mine.
Record: downgraded to VG because of some scuffing & slightly funky-looking vinyl, but these are minor visual imperfections only - record plays very nicely & has likely not been on many turntables in the past; micro warp nap.
Cover: G; seam/cornerwear; very light spinewear; ring/shelfwear (ofc, hardly anything obc); light cornerbumps/bend; wofc; minimal wear ofc at opening; punch hole.
Price: SOLD

HOLT & McINTOSH Inc. - Party Sound Á GoGo (TT) Germany 196?
Fine r'n'b-ish 60s rock exploito LP, pretty scarce actually. 'Lovesongs' might be the standout - excellent pop with nice vocals & a slightly bittersweet melody, but most of this is pretty good. Some duds too, but that sorta comes with the territory. Plenty of good bluesy lead guitar. Sounds a lot like an earlier incarnation of that early 70s exploito record with a 'Beat & Soul Inc.' in its name, with a drawing of the band ofc... full name slips my mind right now.
Record: nice G; very light surflines/scuffing only - plays fine. Tiny warp nap.
Cover: VG+; spine's gently tweaked & there's a tiny shop stkr obc, otherwise minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! HUMAN BEINZ - Evolutions (Decal) UK 1986
Re of minor classic 1968 psych/pop/garage; pretty good LP, esp the fuzz-ridden long instrumental "April 15th" & dreamy
Record: EX
Cover: G; actual wear is very limited (basically just a discreet 1" budding ss); but there's clear tape along opening obc, fc
used to have the same but it's now removed & this has left three small-ish tears in its place; reference stkrs f/b.
Price: SOLD

NEW! HYDRA - Rock The World (Polydor) USA 1977
Sorta heavy, southern-ish rock & very much of-the-times cover shot. They look/sound like a band that could've been local heroes
in "Freaks & Geeks"!
Record: very strong VG+; bulk of this looks/plays like new; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG+; has a couple of minor cornerbends, otherwise very light overall wear only; cc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9  

NEW! JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Volunteers (RCA Victor) UK 197?
Marginally later UK pressing - non-laminated gatefold - probably from 1971 or so (1st UK issue was 1970).
Record: EX; a couple of super-light surfmarks s2 do nothing.
Cover: EX; fo; very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

JETHRO TULL - A Passion Play (Charisma) UK 1973
Record: VG+; has some lines/scuffing, but they're very light ones only.
Cover: lower end of VG; fo; some seam/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; tobc; some very light soiling. Gimmick-design + booklet are fully intact/in nice shape.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

JIM & DALE - 86% Of Us (United Artists) USA 1969?

Really good baroque pop with wistful psych leanings; great version of 'Richard Cory'. Back cover is 'Past The State Of Mind', alright - trippy tree, oil blob & hand(?) landscape.
Record: very nice VG+; light paperscuffing only.
Cover: VG; light seam/cornerwear; minor rw; tiny ss; a couple of very lightly bumped corners; cc.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JAN JOHANSSON - In Pleno (Megafon) Sweden 1964
Record: overall VG; looks better, mostly playing better too, but there's surf and (very occasional) pressing-noise here & there as well.
Cover: VG; minimal seam/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; one micro corner crease; light soiling ofc/tiny stains
obc; ancient price-tag obc; two discreet pinholes in one corner; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JAN JOHANSSON - Musik Genom Fyra Sekler (Megafon) Sweden 197?
3LP box; this is a slightly later 70s pressing of a 1969 release (although listed as a 1st issue on Discogs).
Records: all very nice VG+ except for these: s1t1 tiny mark very beginning causing very light surfnoise; s3t6 - superlight surfmarks cause
superlight background surfnoise; s5t4 - tiny mark causes some brief background noise; really tiny tol s3; disc three very slight warp nap.
Cover: nice VG; a couple of faint stains/soiling ofc; light stkr stain ofc; tiny bubble ofc from manufacturing; some minor rubbing marks
obc & top side of box. Booklet.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

SCOTT JONES - Roads (Flight) USA 1978
Full band ssw with of-the-times sound/vibe; even slight prog vibes in a few places. Last two tracks s1 head in a different direction though, with 'Chattanooga To Lynchburg Trail' being rather haunting folk with sound effects at beginning, moody bass lines & neat acoustic guitar, and 'Gate To The Valley (Sha'ar Ha'amagim)' is a fine guitar instrumental.
Record: G; mostly playing a lot better.
Cover: G; very light seam/spinewear; cornerwear; minor rw; a touch of light soiling/age-wear ofc; some faint creasing. Insert + gig flyer.
Price: SEK 100 / $12


JOYOUS NOISE - same (Capitol) USA 1971
1st from Ron Elliott's buddies, including Marc McClure from the excellent Levitt & McClure, as well as Dennis Dragon. Rustic, organic CA rock in a not-quite-laidback, not-quite-heavy mode... not on par with their excellent 2nd, but this has its moments too, esp 'Lost Man' is quite the killer. Red target label.
Record: VG+; tiny scratch cause a few very faint background ticks s2t2; real tiny warp nap.
Cover: G; fo; downgraded because of ring/shelfwear, otherwise nice with light seam/spine/cornerwear, minimal cornerbump & not much else.
Price: SEK 150 / $16


JUMP, JIVE & HARMONIZE (Teenage Shutdown) USA 1995

'18 Pounding, pulverizing, all-out garage punk dance ravers 1964-67' is a revealing subtitle; Thee Midniters, Jolly Green Giants, Cobras, Jimmy Stokely & The Exiles a o.
Record: EX; minimal warp nap.
Cover: M-; in shrink; insert.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

KEBNEKAJSE - Vi Drar Vidare (Mercury) Sweden 1978

Last before the 00s comeback; revamped line-up & sound - this is progressive/symphonic rock & a very long way from "Comanche Spring".
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; some minor wear top seam, otherwise really light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

RODD KEITH - Black Phoenix Blues (Roaratorio) USA 2013
16 previously unreleased tracks from 1966-74 by the 'King of song-poems' - weird stuff, but more than that as well. One copy only.
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; one minimial corner bump.
Price: SEK 120 / $14

GEORGIA KELLY - Birds Of Paradise (Heru) USA 1980
Nice harp/flute LP.
Record: M-; probably unplayed.
Cover: very strong EX; in shrink; absolutely minimal general wear only.
Price: SOLD

BARNEY KESSEL & RED MITCHELL - Two Way Conversation (Sonet) Sweden 1974
Record: beautiful EX; looks just about unplayed.
Cover: beautiful EX; really light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

RAZ KHELGAT - ? (Royal) Iran 196/7?

Here's an oddity for sure... odd 45 from Iran that I can't find any info about at all, but music is certainly cool & strange enough to blow a few minds - dramatic, haunting & kinda bombastic... email for a soundclip.
Record: looks a nice VG with just some very light surflines, but plays with background noise, perhaps due to pressing. Nothing too bad though. Minor warp nap.
Cover: -
Price: SEK 250 / $27


KING CRIMSON - USA (Island) UK 1975
Record: very strong VG with some really light surflines only; minimal warp nap.
Cover: very strong VG; light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16


KINKS - Kinda Kinks (Marble Arch) Canada 197?

Later pressing, probably late 70s.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 has a few marks, so VG.
Cover: strong VG+; a couple of light dings at opening & some faint rw top back, otherwise almost like new.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! KORNET - same (Manifest) Sweden 1975
1st LP from north-Swedish prog/fusion/jazz-rock band.
Record: G; lotsa lines, but very light ones only.
Cover: F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light cornerbends/bumps; light wear f/b at opening; tobc; light creases
& a tiny bend or two along seams/spine.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

RONNIE LANE & SLIM CHANCE - Anymore For Anymore (GM) UK 1974
Record: EX
Cover: strong VG; light seam/cornerwear; minor spinewear; very light ring/sheflwear; micro tofc; minor creasing at spine.
Price: SOLD

RONNIE LANE'S SLIM CHANCE - One For The Road (Island) UK 1976
Record: overall VG, but a long mark s2 causes light background pops/noise for just over a minute of t2, otherwise light surflines only.
Cover: strong VG+; 1/3" of beginning split bottom seam at opening, otherwise very light general wear only. Original inner.
Price: SOLD


LAUGH-IN '69 (Reprise) USA 1969
Sealed copy of an OST which I've never heard to a movie I've never seen.
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; a couple of light cornerbends; cc
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! LIM Levande Improviserad Musik Från Göteborg (LIM) Sweden 1975
Scarce 1st release on tiny label with free(-ish)/avant jazz exclusive to this LP, I believe. Mount Everest, Tvåpianobandet, Olle
Bäver a o.
Record: strong VG+; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; minimal seam/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; small shop stofc; distr stobc; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD

LIMBO - same (Kommun 2) Sweden 2011
Unusual progressive rock with rich & varied instrumentation & pop sensibilities; as always a limited release of a few hundred copies only. Last copy.
Record: New/unplayed.
Cover: New; insert.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! BJÖRN J:SON LINDH - Cous Cous (Metronome) Sweden 197?
Slightly later pressing of flute-heavy 1972 prog/jazzrock album; top players & some interesting instruments (tablas, lute)
in addition to the usual rock stuff. "Abdo" is 10 minutes of heavily eastern-influenced prog-psych-folk track - excellent!
Record: s1t1 VG, rest's VG+, light line st2t1 does nothing.
Cover: strong VG; fo; light overall wear + stofc; slight stkr residue obc; 1" wear mid-bottom seam.
Price: SEK 60 / $7  

LINN COUNTY - Fever Shot (Mercury) USA 1969
2nd from the band behind the near-genius (& criminally underrated) "Proud Flesh Soothseer". Here you can tell by the cover shot alone that most of the acid went out the door & even if Dino Long is still wearing the same buck skin jacket, the awesome Buffalo Bill-on-the-moon vibes are sadly long gone as well. All that said this is still an excellent bluesy SF LP with several cuts that stretch out quite a bit with snakey leads, riffing & droning horns & organ & the whole band playing on the flashbacks into the morning sun... title track is a monster for this particular groove. Bet they killed it live.
Record: G; lotsa light lines & marks, but nothing deep/too serious - playing ranges from slightly less than grade to a lot better & always loud & clear.
Cover: strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear, esp obc; less than 2" discreet ss mid-bottom; very light wear at opening; drillhole. Lacks the original inner.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! LITTLE BOY BLUES - In The Woodland Of Weir (Fontana) USA 1968
Weird Chicago psych LP - from garage, pop & almost blue-eyed soul ravers to jazzy bits & early prog moves; lots of thick fuzz & fat organ, some orchestration too. Gets very heavy in places. "I'm Hip To You", "Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen", "Echoes Of 'You'" a o. Great copy.
Record: VG+; a few superlight surflines only. Somewhat noisy press - I've had quite a few, including a small stash of sealed copies a long time ago & cracked some open , all of which had a bit of surfnoise etc. This one doesn't have any label drillholes, so it's a previous owner pick & mix between covers/disc to get the best out of a couple copies.
Cover: EX; in shrink; minimal overall wear only + two drillholes through label.
Price: SOLD

NEW! LITTLE SONNY - New King Of The Blues Harmonica (Enterprise) USA 197?
Slightly later 2nd pressing of 1970 LP.
Record: strong EX; tiny surfmark s1t2 does nothing; micro warp nap.
Cover: very strong VG; light overall wear only + a crease ofc from manufacturing stages; sawcut.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! LITTLE SONNY - Black & Blue (Enterprise) USA 1971
Record: strong EX; appears to rarely have been set on a turntable.
Cover: EX; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

NEW! LOVE SCULPTURE - Forms And Feelings (UK) 196?
2nd pressing (one EMI box) of 1969 psych/prog LP.
Record: G; light lines/scuffing only; plays fine.
Cover: VG; main issue is ring/shelfwear ofc, typical for this black laminated cvr; also minimal stofc; very discreet pinhole
in each of the top corners; very light seam/cornerwear; really light wear f/b at opening; a very gentle crease or two. Cvr's
very slightly 'flat' too.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! TORBJÖRN LUNDQUIST - Caleidoscope (Pyramid) Sweden 1976
Very obscure Swedish release; sub-titled "Works For Free Bass Accordion". Not too many avant/contempo accordion LPs that I'm aware
of, but this is actually a cool spin. Main players are Mogens Ellegaard, Lars Holm, Maria Wärme.
Record: looks VG with scuffing & light surflines only, but plays with background surfnoise - possibly a pressing issue.
Cover: nice G; seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; near-invisible stkr stain ofc; light wear at opening f/b;
some light creases, mostly along spine; sealing stkr (placed on seam...) f/b.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! RALPH LUNDSTEN - Shangri-La (EMI) Sweden 19??
Circa 1980 re of cosmic 1975 LP.
Record: VG; light surflines/scuffing only, except for tiny scratch at the very end/beginning of s1t1/2, but it causes just some super-light
background ticks; light warp nap.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

RALPH LUNDSTEN - Cosmic Love (Harvest) Sweden 1976
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG, both with very light surflines/scuffing only.
Cover: nice VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minimal ring/shelfwear; light creasing at spine; one really light cornerbend. Generic Lundsten/Harvest inner.
Price: SOLD

MADE IN SWEDEN - Made In England (Sonet) Sweden 1970
Much better than I remembered it to be - jazzy prog but with a playful sensibility that lends it a slightly psychy vibe as well; has a very British feel in parts - title reveals why - which adds an undefined something to the quirky songs. Or, this is at least valid for s1, I find s2 less inspired & more in line with my memory of the LP - sorta loose jazz-prog-rock with stellar playing.
Record: strong VG+; a tiny few hairlines only.
Cover: VG; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; minor ring/shelfwear; some minor soiling obc; light stkr stain obc; very light creasing at spine.
Price: SEK 400 / $44

MAGIC - same! (Rare Earth) USA 1970

2nd LP, very similar to the 1st side of "Play" & it even opens with a remake of that one's opener, "Keep On Movin' On". Stevie Wonder guesting on piano!
Record: tiny & barely/briefly audible pressing mark s2t5, otherwise beautiful unplayed-looking EX; slight warp nap.
Cover: super-strong EX; looks brandnew.
Price: SEK 150 / $18

TAJ MAHAL - The Real Thing (CBS) UK 1971
UK orig of fine 2LP live set, recorded at Fillmore East.
Records: both G; light surflines/marks only, plays much better.
Cover: nice VG; fo; very light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; a couple of minor cornerbumps/bends; minor rw; a few light creases.
Price: SOLD

MAN - Slow Motion (United Artists) USA 1974
Record: EX except for some very light & very occasional background noise s2; sl warp nap.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only; cc. Original inner.
Price: SEK 80 / $12

THE GUIDO MANUSARDI TRIO - Blue Train (SweDisc) Sweden 1967

Rare 60s jazz LP Manusardi, Sture Nordin, Al Heath.
Record: s1 looks VG with light marks, plays with light surfnoise, but it's fully enjoyable - sounds loud & clear; s2 looks better, VG+, & plays better as well, although there's still light background noise here & there. Very slight warp nap.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD


HUGH MASAKELA - The Lasting Impression Of (MGM) USA 1968
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! MASON - Harbour (Eleventh Hour) USA 1971
Second pressing of good VA murky underground LP - two great folky tracks which remind me a bit of Owen-B, rest's kinda loose, bluesy  hard rock with a prog bend; fat organ, good guitar, sax, some flute & hand percussion too. 
Record: VG+; some scuffing only, plays at least the grade.
Cover:  nice VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; a bit of ring/shelfwear; minimal cornerbumps; micro corner tweak. Booklet's in lovely shape.
Price: SOLD

JOHN MAYALL - The Blues Alone (Ace Of Clubs) UK 1967
Record: G
Cover: VG; minimal seam/spine/cornerwear; a couple of minor cornerbends; a few faint creases; very light soiling obc; superlight wear ofc at opening.
Price: SEK 60 / $7



Record: tiny mark s1t1 cause some noise (mostly rather minor, about louder pops though) for the first 2 & 1/2 minutes or so, otherwise VG with some surflines but very light ones only - plays very nicely; stol s1.
Cover: very strong VG; fo; f/b are very nice; minor seam/corner/edgewear; light cornerbend; light wear inside gatefold.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

JOHN MAYALL - Moving On (Polydor) Germany/Norway 1972
Record: strong VG; some very light surflines only.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! BROWNIE McGHEE & SONNY TERRY - A Long Way From Home (Bluesway) USA 1969
Record: strong EX.
Cover: nice VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear, obc mostly; minimal wear at opening f/b; drillhole.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

MEMPHIS BROWN BEATBAND - A Taste Of Beat (Music For Your Home) UK 1970?
Cool exploito obscurity, a slightly funky r'nb/pop/rock sound with excellent lead guitar (and lots of it!), slight psych edge here & there, esp on 'Lonesome Road'.
Record: looks F, but it's light marks/lines only & it plays MUCH better.
Cover: nice G; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear, mostly obc; sealing stkr obc; slight stkr residue ofc; very light cornerbends & a few creases at spine.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

MEMPHIS SLIM - Blue Memphis (Warner) USA 1971
Classic LP with guys like Peter Green, John Paul Jones, Chris Spedding, Karl Jenkins, Duster Bennett & lots more aboard.
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: nice VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very tiny cornerbends/bumps; small Barclay stoc; tiny cc. Insert.
Price: SOLD

MEMPHIS SLIM - Old Times, New Times (Barclay) UK 1972
UK copy of 2LP set with Buddy Guy, Roosevelt Sykes & Junior Wells. Top copy.
Records: both strong EX.
Cover: beautiful EX; fo; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! MERKIN - Music From Merkin Manor (Akarma) Italy 1997
Long oop re of weird & rare 1973 Windi release - not weird in any musical sense, but it's a hard one to get a grip on,
despite what on the surface appears to be a pretty straight sound, breezy pop-rock with vocal harmonies & some
cool guitar leads in places. Bit of a darker undercurrent, but you'll have to scrape off a few layers to get there... It's
pretty good though, if a bit samey. I nevertheless suspect that fewer psych heads would be going after this had the cover
not been so instant monsterl-looking. 3 bonus tracks.
Record: beautiful EX. 
Cover: superstrong EX; micro overall wear only - it's like new.
Price: SEK 200 / $22  

NEW! THE METERS - Cabbage Alley (Reprise) USA 197?
Slightly later pressing.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; small, discreet split bottom seam at opening, otherwise very light overall wear only; drillhole.
Price: SEK 160 / $17

NEW! THE METERS - Fire On The Bayou (Warner) USA 1975
Record: beautiful EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: VG+; some light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

THE M.G.s - same (Stax) USA 1973
Record: EX
Cover: VG; very light seam/cornerwear; light rw; small stoc; some absolutely minimal soiling; sawcut.
Price: SOLD

CHARLIE MINGUS - Pre-bird (Limelight) Japan 197?
Scarce 70s (I think) Japanese pressing of 1960 LP.
Record: beautiful EX.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor rw; minimal age-yellowing. No OBI.
Price: SOLD


CHARLES MINGUS - Wonderland (Solid State) USA 1968
Re in hipper cover of 1962 UA LP.
Record: G; nice overall, but tiny marks s1t1 pop about 16 & 10 times respectively; minimal warp nap.
Cover: F; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; heavy rw; very tiny ss.
Price: SOLD

Scarce late 70s LP with Sam Myers on vocals & harp.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG because of a few long lines, they hardly do a thing though.
Cover: very strong VG; some very light seam/spinewear; minimal tofc; discreet 1" split on top seam at opening.
Price: SEK 200 / $22


Greasy r'n'b with some good guitar & occasional psych tinge, but a far cry from label mates Morgen & Saint Steven.
Record: s1 VG+; s2 is weirder - looks VG+ as well, except for t4 which has light marks but they don't do anything... on the other hand t2, with no marks, is noisy, esp 1st minute... in all a really nice copy bar that one track.
Cover: VG; fo; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; very light rw; 2" ss mid-bottom; tiny budding ss mid-top; light wear obc at opening; slightly tweaked ofc at spine; drillhole. Gimmick front is completely intact.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! MÅNS MOSSA - same (GMP) Sweden 1979
Scarce local LP in a typically mixed late 70s bag with fine lead guitar; best track is a long proggy instrumental called "Autron".
Apparently this has shot up in value lately, with copies going for $75+... you can do better here. Guitarist Fredrik AUgustin sat in on drums
for one of the more free-form gigs by The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love.
Record: s1 VG; tiny mark t1 does nothing; s2 G because of a couple of light scratches, but apart from some background pops for part of t2 you
won't notice very much.
Cover: strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear obc; very light wear at opening, mostly obc; some light
Price: SOLD

Label-launcher with Nynningen, Soffgruppen, Motvind, Ariman, Tintomara, Nationalteatern; most or all exclusive to this, I believe.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; some wear bottom seam; light creases along spine/seams; some ring/shelfwear; minimal wear ofc at opening. Booklet.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! NANETTE NATAL - ...The Beginning (Evolution) USA 1971
Some totally great cuts on this with hot guitars & groovy arrangements; the 'femme psych' knock-out "Annie's Magical Brew" is especially good
with wah-wah guitars, fuzz, cool organ & great vocals.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; some rw; tiny ding ofc at opening; a few light bends/creases; wobc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! FRED NEIL - Little Bit Of Rain (Elektra) USA 1970
"Bleecker & MacDougal" retitled & put in new dress.
Record: VG+
Cover: very strong VG; name in ballpoint ofc (not too big either), otherwise light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

Early 70s private cocktail lounge vocal/piano/bass/drums LP; songs like 'Everybody's Talkin', 'Dock Of The Bay', 'Games People Play', 'My Way' a o. "Recorded live at the Sheraton Motor Inn located at 1-465 and Pendleton Pike, Indiana".
Record: G; looks nice overall with mostly nothing but minor paper scuffing, but was found without inner so there are light marks here & there causing occasional background noise/pops, esp s2t4,5. The bulk of it plays just fine though. Tiny warp nap.
Cover: VG+; in shrink; some faint rw obc at opening where shrink is torn + a semi-ugly punch hole, otherwise minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 50 / $6


NEW MIX - same (United Artists) USA 1968
As far as I know this is still a mystery outfit, but their brief time together sure produced a killer LP - dreamy, trippy pop psych, occasionally a bit heavier as on the monster opener 'While We Waited'. Sort of in the same bag as Gandalf, Common People, Alexander Rabbit & essential for anyone into the softer side of US psych.
Record: EX
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; rw ofc; small shop stobc; wobc (ballpointed name + phone # - kinda big, but somehow it doesn't look too bad, hand of a lady probably contributes to this!).
Price: SOLD


NEW! NEWPORT IN NEW YORK '72 The Soul Sessions, Vol 6 (Cobblestone) USA 1972
Roberta Flack, B.B. King, Curtis Mayfield, Herbie Mann, Les McCann, Billy Eckstine.
Record: Sealed.
Cover: Sealed; minor tobc beneath shrink; small sawcut.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

JAMES NEWTON - Echo Canyon (Celstial Harmonies) Germany 1984

Beautiful flute LP recorded 'under night sky during approaching full moon at Echo Amphitheathre, Carson National Forest, near Abiquiu, New Mexico'.
Record: M-; looks unplayed.
Cover: M-; in shrink.
Price: SOLD


NEW YORK ROCK ENSEMBLE - Freedomburger (CBS) Holland 1972
I dig their Atco records, but on this - their 5th/last - they frequently sound like a different band (hence the post-n' Roll I reckon) with hardrock, prog & dreamy pop stylings side by side, a slightly quirky edge as per usual with these guys. (A lengthy sidenote: I bought a copy of their 2nd back in 1994, the selling point that hooked me & is worth repeating here being 'they sound like a cross between Family and Jerry Hahn Brotherhood' - how could I resist!)
Record: G
Cover: VG; very nice with just a tiny bit of general wear, except sealing stkr residue f/b.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NILSSON - The Point (RCA Victor) Germany 1970
Record: VG+; a few light surflines.
Cover: VG; very light cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; faint creasing at spine/seams; wobc; minimal wear at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! NORRBOTTENS JÄRN - Drömmarnas Värld (Manifest) Sweden 1975
Quirky proggy, folky rock With Ted Ström post-Contact; includes a remake of that band's great "Samma Vindar, Samma Dofter". Fluid
lead guitar, mixed vocals & a great prog-folk work-out in sub-Kebnekajse realms in "Flugornas Hage".
Record: strong VG.
Cover: very strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; shop stofc; really tiny stain obc; a few light creases;
micro wear ofc at opening. Insert.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! NORRBOTTENS JÄRN - Järnet (Manifest) Sweden 1976
2nd/last is similar overall, but rocks out a bit more in places, femme vox is more strident & the whole thing is even more quirky than their 1st
- very strange LP if you pay some attention to what goes on.
Record: solid VG; some surflines only.
Cover: very strong VG; would've been a grade higher except for stofc, otherwise light overall wear only. Orig inner.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NQB - Two Sides Of (Hendrix) Sweden 1972
Pretty heavy, bluesy rock with tough vocals & fine playing from Swedish chicks. Original material is great, but unfortunately the bulk is old r'n'r classics - they're done nicely though, with a gritty club vibe/sound & overall this is a fun one to blast loudly.
Record: strong G; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light rw; price tag obc; some wear f/b at opening (light bends/bumps/tears).
Price: SEK 150 / $18

NRBQ - same (CBS) UK 1969
UK orig of their first.
Record: strong VG
Cover: very strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbend; minimal wear ofc at opening; stereo + shop stobc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NUGGETS: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-68 (Sire) USA 1976
Early re of classic '72 2LP comp.
Records: both VG+; downgraded because of slightly hazy vinyl - not affecting play at all, in fact they look as they hardly saw a turntable before; tiny warps nap.
Cover: strong VG+; fo; very light overall wear only; sawcut. Original inners.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

M.A. NUMMINEN - På Svenska (Love) Finland 1972
Legendary Finnish eccentric, here on one of his Swedish trips. I'm a bit surprised he hasn't yet seen much interest from non-Scandinavian diggers into oddball stuff - plenty of that here. This is the rarer version with 8 tracks on each side.
Record: strong VG; a few timy surflines only.
Cover: very nice VG+; small price tag tofc & tiny bit of stkr residue, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

 NYNNINGEN - 1974 (MNW) Sweden 1974

Great heavy, proggy rock from leftwing revolutionaries - I have a bit of a soft spot for them & not only because of the gun-toting darkhaired lady. I hate the capitalist system too, baby.
Record: beautiful EX; appears to've hardly been played at all.
Cover: strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; a shadow of ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbend. 20-page booklet's like new.
Price: SOLD

HANS OLSON - Sings The Blues (Cremo) USA 1980
Mix of acoustic & electric blues with gritty vocals & long tracks. Local Arizona release.
Record: nice G; light lines & scuffing only; micro warp nap.
Cover: G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; quite a bit of rw, mostly ofc. Signed obc.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! YOKO ONO - Fly (Apple) USA 1971
Complete set in great shape of this avant-rock classic.
Records: both EX; looks to've barely been played at all; both warp nap.
Cover: EX; fo; super-light overall wear only. Orig inners + poster & coupon.
Price: SOLD

NEW! YOKO ONO - Feeling The Space (Apple) USA 1973
Another fine LP by her - not as out there as "Fly", but askew moves a-plenty in a more sublime way.
Record: s1 EX, s2 VG+ because of a few really light lines only; micro warp nap.
Cover: very nice VG+ with some light overall wear only. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE OUTLAW BLUES BAND - same (Bluesway) USA 1968
Completely underrated freaky jazzy/bluesy psych which reminds me in feel, and occasionally in sound, of Free Spirits, Insect Trust etc. Cool lead guitar + lotsa wild sax, some flute & vibraharp too. A few nights ago I dreamt that I found a cover upgrade of this for myself, in the back of my neighbour's pick-up. I also found a 45 by Nova Local with my name on it, literally, and a sticker-sealed Jeff Cooper & Stoned Wings. Later in the same dream I was mugged by a knife-toting hoodlum, but I knocked him out cold. Peace & love, northern style. Black/blue label.
Record: nice VG. 
Cover: very strong G; fo; light seam/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; top seam split 2" at spine & minimally at opening;
some really light soiling ofc.
Price: SEK 250 / $27

PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC - Are You Ready (CBS) UK 1970

UK orig of their third; Glenn Schwarz pre-All Saved Freak Band on guitar.
Record: very strong VG; light surflines only.
Cover: G; very light ring/shelfwear; tape residue f/b at top seam; tear/residue f/b from removed sealing stkr; light soiling obc.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

JIMMY PAGE - Special Early Works (Springboard) USA 197?
With Sonny Boy Williamson.
Record: EX
Cover: strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

DAVE PEACE QUARTET - Good Morning Mr. Blues (Saga) UK 1969
Pre-Birmingham bluesrock with great lead guitar, lotsa organ, strong vocals & pretty heavy all over with a bit of a low-budget basement sound. Excellent both when doing uptempo, rocked-out cuts and moodier/slower songs. Music's great, cover's cool - why isn't this more popular?
Record: VG; scuffing & light lines; a few small stains lbl s2.
Cover: VG+; tiny bend ofc at opening + light stkr stain obc, otherwise light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - One Nation Underground (ESP) USA 1967
Knock-out debut LP from one of the all-time greats, here with a more youthful, edgy, trippy & mystical sound than any
of the others. White label version.
Record: looks strong VG+, but as with most copies of this it plays with background surfnoise during quiet tracks, louder ones
drown out most/all of this.
Cover: strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; tiny ss; small stain obc. Poster in very nice condition.
Price: SOLD

NEW! PEARLS BEFORE SWINE - City Of Gold (Reprise) USA 1971
5th & perhaps the one of his/theirs that's most frequently slipping through the cracks - which is crazy, beacuse this is as much a must-have as the others. Try "Once Upon A Time" for a start & tell me you don't think it's brilliant.
Record: F; looks at least a very strong G, but plays with some sort of background pressing noise (mr Weir would likely call it 'thick air') - it comes through the most between tracks, of course, and side one plays without very much distraction during music. S2 is slightly worse, but it's in no way horrible. Label s1 has a faint sticker stain & ditto rubber stamp.
Cover: rather nice F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; 1/3 of bottom seam split from opening; very light soiling obc; one gentle cornerbend; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! PEPS PERSSON - The Week Peps Came To Chicago (Sonet) Sweden 198?
80s pressing of classic '72 blues/bluesrock 2LP set, where Peps is backed by Sunnyland Slim, Carey Bell, Mighty Joe Young,
Jimmy Dawkins a o.
Records: both strong EX; appears to have barely been played at all.
Cover: very nice VG+; fo; really light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! PEPS BLODSBAND - same (Sonet) Sweden 1974
Cookin' blues rock with an occasional proggy edge; fine blend of guitars, keys, harmonica & sax.
Record: very nice VG+.
Cover: VG+; some very light bends/creases, otherwise minimal overall wear only. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

PIANO BLUES (Storyville) UK 1965?

UK comp with Otis Spann, Speckled Bird, Sunnyland Slim, Champion Jack Dupree, Memphis Slim & Sonny Boy Williamson. Very thick, heavy vinyl.
Record: VG; s1t1 is G with a bit more surfnoise, but the rest plays its grade or better; sl warp nap.
Cover: nice VG; light cornerwear; less than 1" wear top seam; minimal ring/shelfwear & ditto tofc.
Price: SEK 100 / $12


RISA POTTERS - Half Woman Half Child (National General) USA 1970
Soft folk/ssw; listed by Aaron Milenski in the 1st AA as one of his top 50 cheap recommendations. Gentle & dreamy.
Record: most of this is EX, looks to barely have been played, but a tiny mark cause brief, light noise at the end of s1t4/beg of t5. Light warp nap.
Cover: EX; minimal overall wear only + tiny sawcut.
Price: SOLD


 PRETTY THINGS - The Singles As & Bs (Harvest) UK 1977
Two words only: "Defecting Grey".
Record: s1 VG+ with a few tiny inaudible marks, s2 EX.
Cover: VG+; would've been EX if it weren't for an oversized cc.
Price: SOLD

PSP - Cowboy Cathedral (Revolution Coast) Sweden 2016
"It's a darkly disturbing recording drawing on the fears and solitude of the wild forests close to [the] homestead. /.../ A record of many contrasts and hard to pigeonhole it will no doubt attain cult status in time."  Shops/dealers, please inquire for wholesale details! Check the Revolution Coast button above for more info.
Record: New/unplayed
Cover: New; insert.
Price: SEK 200 / $25

NEW! PRISMATIC - same (Omni Network) USA 1979
Their 1st - radically different from 2nd one - with new age-y, hippie-ish jazzy rock; spiritual vibes, odd song titles &
one track dedicated to Tim Leary. Pretty tasty semi-heavy lead guitar + lots of percussion, flute etc. Black/gold front
cover with mystical symbols, labels are marked 'yin' & 'yang'.
Record: very nice VG.
Cover: P; seam/spine/cornerwear; heavy ring/shelfwear; tofc; top seam split all the way; discreet split mid-bottom; light
cornerbend + faint creases; light soiling obc; cc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! QUEEN'S NECTARINE MACHINE - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble (ABC) USA 1969
Crazy psych/garage/bubblegum concoction with cool guitar/organ + lots of effects; parts are in the same kid-Deep territory as Tea Company & such. "4th Dimension", "The Seance", "Mysterious Martha Garoo" + the odd duck out, "Gypsy Lady" which is a beautiful folk cut.
Record: looks a very strong G, plays a lot better - apart from some very brief surfnoise between s1t1/2 / very first revs t2 you won't notice much at all.
Cover: G; fo; some seam/corner/edgewear; wear on spine + it's slightly flat; ring/shelfwear; 1" split top seam at opening; very light soiling inside gatefold; really light cornerbumps; drillhole.
Price: SEK 300 / $


Circa 1980 re of monster 1968 LP, one of all-time greats.
Record: very strong VG+; a couple of tiny lines & faint scuffing only.
Cover: EX; very tiny cornerbump, otherwise really light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD 

NEW! QUINTESSENCE - In Blissful Company (Island) UK 1969
Pink Island orig of essential debut from some of  the hippest Ladbroke Grove cats/communal baba trippers of the time - killer blend of  jammy, jazzy acid rock & droning eastern stuff, with flute, sitar, tamboura & bells along with super tight rock ensemble backing, including some truly excellent lead guitar. One of the very best UK bands in my book.
Record: VG; some  light surflines.
Cover: very nice G; fo with trippy booklet; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; light soiking ofc; micro tofc; really light wear at opening f/b; a few very light creases f/b. Does not have the purple inner, but I'm actually thinking not all copies had this to begin with.
Price: SOLD

CHRIS RAWLINGS - same (Cooking Fat) Canada 1984
Comp off his '70 & '78 LPs, although if you're a fan - like me - you need this because of the three new versions of old songs.
Record: Sealed.
Cover: Sealed.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

CHRIS RAWLINGS - Les Flûtes Canadiennes (Radio Canada International) Canada 1980
Collection of trad Candian recorder quartets (folk songs & melodies), collected & arranged by Chris, who also plays here, together with Judy Cohen, Ariane Dind & David Weeigens. Goes perfectly with a Sunday morning cup of tea! As with everything on the label, it's a very limited release of a few hundred copies.
Record: Sealed.
Cover: Seaeld.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

REVIVAL - same (Kama Sutra) USA 1972
Pretty obscure LP/band that sounds like the Santa Fe Ampex LP with femme/mixed vocals. The excellent "Words #1" adds a slightly psychy vibe, while the 8:03 "Barbara" stretches out into jammy sub-Dead-isms. Good LP.
Record: VG+
Cover: strong F; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; heavy rw; minor ss; top seams & top part of spine are very slightly faded; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

EMITT RHODES - The American Dream (A&M) USA 1971
Best solo by far from the leader of Merry-Go-Round (whose "You're A Very Lovely Woman" gets a remake here). Opener "Mother Earth" is an old 90s German Twin classic that still holds up very well.
Record: EX
Cover: strong EX with only minimal overall wear; in shrink.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE ROAD HOME - Peaceful Children (Dunhill) USA 1971
Another Potter/Lambert production, this time it's mainstream hippie vibes, but with several
really good sorta rural folky tracks - "So You Want To Be A Woman" is awesome for this type of early 70s post-flower
children sounds. Nice tiny-house-on-wheels (and dog too) obc.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; fo; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; minimal rw; very discreet ss; tiny tofc; faint rubber stamps; drillhole. Insert.
Price: SOLD

ROLLING STONES - same (Decca) UK 1964

Original UK mono copy. Matrix XARL-6271-1A / XARL-6272-3A if that matters.
Record: visually a strong F with plenty of lines & marks, but they're really light & playback's VERY nice.
Cover: very strong F; main drawback being soiling/light stains obc; also minor seam/spine/cornerwear; rather light ring/shelfwear; slight creases/bends, mostly ofc at opening; light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD


NEW! ROLLING STONES - Their Satanic Majesties Request (Decca) USA 1967
Original US 3D copy; the only Stones LP I keep around the house. (What looks like a frame around 3D pic below is flash accentuating the glue beneath - not at all this pronounced in 'reality'. )
Record: G; no marks of any significance, but has surfnoise between tracks & in rare quiet moments + 7-8 pops at the very beginning of
"She's A Rainbow".
Cover: VG; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; small ss; minor ring/shelfwear; punch hole. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

SONNY ROLLINS - East Broadway Run Down (Impulse) USA 1967-8?
Early-on 2nd pressing (on 3rd state orange/black ring label; 1st was 2nd state) of 1966 release.
Record: looks strong VG+, but s1 has light background noise in places + a tiny pressing bubble which cause four muted pops. S2 has more bubbles, but they hardly do a thing - looks & plays a solid VG+; minimal warp nap.
Cover: VG+; fo; spine's slightly faded, otherwise very light general wear only.
Price: SEK 200 / $22


THE ROSE GARDEN - same (Atco) 1968
Fine sunshine pop album, noted primarily for a couple of Gene Clark numbers but it's a pretty good spin all through.
Record: EX
Cover: nice VG; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light rw; 1" split top seam at opening; super-light cornerbend; near-invisible tofc; minimal wear at opening; two drillholes.
Price: SOLD

OTIS RUSH - This One's A Good 'Un (Blue Horizon) Holland 1969
Record: VG; some very light surflines only, except for a faint line s2 which causes some light scattered background ticks on t3 & 5
Cover: VG+; small stofc; slight looseing of lamination bottom front; slight stkr residue obc; a touch of ring/shelfwear, but otherwise minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 200 / $24

NEW! [RUSSIAN LP] (Melodiya) Soviet 197?
Circa 1974-75 release; no clue as to players/composers, but sounds are sorta neo-classical/avant. Regardless a fine LP,
esp sidelong track on s2 is great.
Record: overall s1 looks really nice, has a couple of light marks that do very little, side plays with some occasional & really
light background surfnoise; s2 has a light mark at the beginning of s2, which cause some very minor background surfnoise for a while, rest looks/plays EX.
Cover: nice G; typically fragile Melodiya cover with overall wear, but nothing too bad at all.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

RUSTIX - Come On People (Rare Earth) USA 1970
Typical 1969/70 sounds with guitar/organ-charged bluesy hard rock, gruff vocals. Ted Lucas guesting on guitar!
Record: beautiful EX; minimal warp nap.
Cover: VG+; some very light wear & minimal beginning of bottom ss at opening; really light cornerbends; a couple of light wrinkles obc from manufacturing; sawcut.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

DON SANDERS - same (Mean n' Low ) USA 1972
Obscure TX counterculture singersongwriter/folkie private pressing, which I've seen compared to Country Joe. Side one is all songs, all but one with band backing & great all-through. Last track is an excellent slow, slightly droning thing. Side two mixes loner folk with a weird spoken word story. Track titles include "Open My Third Eye", "Kent State History Play", "Grunty Mind And The American Love Story".
Cool & interesting LP, housed in a plain white cover. Considerably rarer than the 12" EP from the following year.
Record: VG; light lines/marks only. Tiny stkr stain on one label, small tear from manufacturing on the other.
Cover: plain white, as I said, and very nice.
Price: SEK 300 / $35

NEW! SAPPHIRE THINKERS - From Within (Hobbit) USA 1970
White label promo of this minor classic in the flowery west coast psych bag, full of fuzz, organ, flute & vocal harmonies. Sounds way more 1968 than 1970! You likely wouldn't guess it from the sounds, but there's actually a Prankster-connection at work here. Cool front cover art.
Record: VG+; plays the grade & a lot better for most the time, but there's a tiny bit of surfnoise between some tracks; wlp; small wol.
Cover: VG; very nice with light overall wear only, except for a few small tofc - not very visible though.
Price: SOLD

SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON / FIRE WALL - A Groovy Thing (New Rose) France 1986
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG.
Cover: EX; some very light seam/cornerwear; a tiny bit of stkr residue ofc; minimal crease ofc at opening; punch hole. Original inner.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

SON SEALS BLUES BAND - same (Alligator) USA 1973
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; light cornerbends/bumps; tiny tofc.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! SEBASTIAN - Rays Of The Sun (Acme) UK 2009
180 gram ltd re of circa 1970 Canadian pop & psych; 8:49 title track's a minor classic.
Record: New/unplayed.
Cover: very strong EX; in shrink & like new.
Price: SOLD

MARIAN SEGAL With Silver Jade - Fly On Strangewings (DJM) USA 1970
US release of UK folk (which went as simply Jade there & had a gatefold cover, which was dropped for this), with backing from Terry Cox, Mick Waller, Pete Sears a o.
Record: G; some light scratches s1 cause ticks on & off; s2 is mostly playing better than grade.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only + faint cornerbend & a tiny tobc next to cc; sawcut.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

BOB SEGER SYSTEM - Mongrel (Capitol) USA 1970
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: VG; fo; slight seam/spine/corner/edgewear; rw (hardly anything ofc, quite a lot of it obc); very tiny split top seam at opening; very light wear obc at opening; tiny cornerbend/bump.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

Record: EX; some really light paper scuffing only.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only; half-done cc.
Price: SEK 150 / $16


SHANES - SSS SHANES! (Columbia) Sweden 1967
Scarce LP full of refined mod/pop/beat sounds from the pre-psych era. Much nicer shape than most copies of this.
Record: s1 VG, tiny mark t2 cause 4 pops, s2 G with some background noise here & there, mostly between tracks only.
Cover: VG; less than 1" wear at mid-spine & couple of mild cornerbumps, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD


ARCHIE SHEPP - Mama Too Tight (Impulse) USA 1966

Third state orange/black ring label; not sure if this was released with second state labels?
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; fo; light shelfwear & a slightly faded spine, otherwise very nice.
Price: SEK 200 / $22


NEW! SOUTHWEST F.O.B. - Smell Of Incense (Big Beat) Germany 1988
Partial (some lost, some added) re of 1968 Texas psych/softrock; good version of titletrack, odd nude cover looks like it was
originally designed for some Russ Meyer movie poster.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 EX.
Cover: EX; just a touch of really light overall wear.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! OTIS SPANN - Heart Loaded With Trouble (Bluesway) USA 1973
Comp with material from "The Blues Is Where It's At" & "The Bottom Of The Blues"; backing from Muddy Waters & band.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; small stofc, otherwise light overall wear only. Stkr with correct running order obc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! JIMMIE SPHEERIS - Isle Of View (Columbia) USA 1971
1st/best from laidback, dreamy ssw with some early hot tub moves... sorta Canyon via NYC... first part of opening track promises more than
the rest delivers, but this is nevertheless a pretty good album when you have the time for some over-smooth moves. Seen it compared a few times
to an 'American Nick Drake', which is pretty off, but there are moments where the comparison is at least somewhat understandable.
Record: VG except beginning of last track where a minor scratch cause noise; otherwise scuffing & some light marks only.
Cover: VG+; light wear obc at opening & slightly faded spine, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JIMMIE SPHEERIS - The Original Tap Dancing Kid (CBS) Holland 1973
2nd of his, moving further into what the above laid out sketches for & losing most of the string arrangements in the process. "Shirtful Of Apples" &
"Keeper Of The Canyon" are both really nice; the latter a haunting classic from the mid-90s north-Swedish head scene that eventually spawned
the German Twins.
Record: VG
Cover: lower end of VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; a few light creases; very light wear at opening f/b; cc. Insert.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JIMMIE SPHEERIS - Ports Of The Heart (Epic) USA 1976
Cover of this 4th lets you know that he's head over heels into what was started on the two up ahead... mid-70s LA vibe /sound abound,
with guests like Jackson Browne, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke a o & album's dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard. A heavy coke, sorry, psych dealer told me
a long time ago that he enjoyed this more than psych - that's what too much brown acid will do to you.
Record: VG; faint ticks very beginning of s1t1, rest plays really nice, 'stain' s2 do very little; small wol + rubberstamp s2.
Cover: G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; real tiny splits top/bottom of spine; rw; 'demonstration not for sale' stofc; promo embossment obc;
very light/small/near-invisible wofc; light cornerbend/bumps; some light stains/soling; small tobc. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

SPRIGUNS - Time Will Pass (Decca) UK 1977

Highly rated & much soughtafter UK folkprog with Mandy Morton.
Record: beautiful EX; bar 2-3 barely audible background ticks at the very beginning of s1 it looks & sounds fantastic.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small tofc; minimal wear at opening; one very light cornerbend/tweak. Insert like new.
Price: SEK 2000 / $220

NEW! S/T - Phantasmagoric Mushroom Overflow (Lone Starfighter) USA 1999
German psych/spacerock/kraut only released on small TX label by my old buddy Pat Reilley. Limited release on blue vinyl.
Record: New/unplayed.
Cover: VG+; some light storage wear by way of faint reaction between cover & the plastic outer it came with + one really light cornerbump.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

NEW! MICHAEL STANLEY - Rosewood Bitters (Tumbleweed) UK 1973
Seldom seen UK release of US folkrock/singersongwriter LP on short-lived Colorado label which put loads of $$$ into their releases; same
label also had Arthur Gee, Danny Holien, Pete McCabe, Robb Kunkel a o. Lotsa good stuff here: "Denver Rain" is a haunting flute-adorned classic
from various 90s mix-tapes;"Moving Right Along" is really cool sorta pastoral folkrock with a bit of prog touch via keys & flute, nice guitar
as well, "Resurrection" is a great introspective, quiet piece & I've always dug his dramatic version of "Subterranean Homesick Blues", which
manages to be both simplified & over-the-top at the same time.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG but apart from some brief pops t1 you won't notice very much.
Cover: G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbends; some light creases; very light wear at opening f/b.
Price: SOLD

DENNIS STONER - same (Rare Earth) USA 1971

Major label issue of pretty cool folkrock/ssw LP. He has full band backing on several tracks & one of these, the heavy "Lost Along The Highway", has rightly become something of a minor classic with intense drums, organ, harpsichord prominent lead guitar & offbeat vibe from the whole band - but the entire LP is rather good.
Record: both sides look more or less unplayed, but I'm downrgrading s1 to VG because of a really thin scratch which makes 5 brief pops t1 & some occasional & very light noise in a few other places... s2 is EX.
Cover: VG+; has a very discreet 1" ss mid-top, otherwise minimal overall wear only; sawcut.
Price: SOLD

NEW! STRAY - Stand Up And Be Counted (Pye) USA 1975
Record: beautiful EX.
Cover: EX; very light overall wear only; cc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! STRAY - Reflecting A Generation (Transatlantic) UK 1977
Record: beautfiul EX; some minimal stains lbl s1.
Cover: EX; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 80 / $9


Knutna Nävar, Röda Ropet, Dan Berglund a o.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! SUGARLOAF - same (Liberty) USA 1970
Pretty good first; psych/prog/hardrock with long tracks & plenty of cool organ sounds; blistering version of "Train Kept A-Rollin'". I believe
band leader Jerry Corbetta passed away just recently.
Record: VG; scuffing & lines, but light ones only.
Cover: VG; fo; some seam/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; discreet 2" ss mid-top + a tiny one at opening; a couple of really light
cornerbumps; cc.
Price: SOLD

Record: s1 VG+, s2 strong VG.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbumps; light wear at opening f/b; small tobc; light creases at spine.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

SUPER-DUPER BLUES (Blue Horizon) UK 1969
Comp of various LP cuts from the expected ones... Mac, Bennett, Boyd, Dupree a o.
Record: strong VG; a few light surflines/marks only. Tiny chip of intro groove is missing, of course not affecting play.
Cover: VG; downgraded because of back having been damp/wet at some point which has left a faint discolouration at top + a slightly wavy feel. Apart from this light general wear only; ancient price tag ofc + stereo stobc
Price: SEK 80 / $9

SVENSKT 60-TAL (Artist) Sweden 1966
Swedish avant/electronic LP with Sven-Erik Bäck, Bengt Hambraeus, Jan Bark/Folke Rabe, Bo Nilsson, Jan W. Morthensen. Mono.
Record: nice VG; some light surflines only.
Cover: VG; minor ring/shelfwear; tiny cornerbend; a few really light creases.
Price: SOLD


SVERIGES KOMMUNER OCH LANDSTING - Orosvisor (Kommun) Sweden 2009

Another fine release on Sweden's most prolific underground label; basement psych/prog, with trippy guitars & keys similar to those of Vilgot's, although this is folkier & almost all-instrumental. 300 copies only.
Record: New/unplayed.
Cover: New.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

TELLER BUNTE KNETE - ...Macht Musik! (no label) Germany 1980
For 15 years or so one of my fave obscure German LPs has been the Teller Bunte Knete 'Stadtsmensch' record, which a Swedish-German metal guy hipped me to back in the early days of my shop. This privately pressed follow-up is even more obscure it seems & they stick to quirky folk-based sounds, but have lost a bunch of members & also most of the slightly sad hippie folk vibe that made their 1st such a winner. Still a pretty interesting under-the-radar LP though.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG because of some light surflines, but they don't do anything.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; minimal tofc; some bends/creases along spine/top seam; a couple of slightly bumped corners; minimal wear at opening; small wobc; distribution stobc.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

LASSE TENNANDER - Alla Är Vi Barn I Början (Oktober) Sweden 1976
I run with the Xtabay description from way back: "offbeat jazzy/proggy singersongwriter in offbeat cover art of nude man & woman snoozin' in small apt. room" Backing crew includes Anders Nordh from Life.
Record: VG+; tiny scratch s2 does nothing.
Cover: strong VG; fo; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; really light rw; a few minor creases.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

TEN YEARS AFTER - Cricklewood Green (Deram) UK 1970
This used to pop up everywhere I went in the late 90s, been quite a while since I last had one though. That's not to say it's drying up, of course, but that it's getting scarcer in the north-Swedish backwoods... make of that what you will. Way better than I remembered too!
Record: G; typical Deram scuffing & surflines, playback's near perfect though.
Cover: VG; fo; slight seam/spine/corner/edgewear; some discreet tears/rubbing marks obc; minimal soiling. No poster.
Price: SEK 100 / $12


EJE THELIN GROUP - same (Caprice) Sweden 1975
Swedish jazz LP, with typical - though great! - sounds of its era, lazy melodic stuff alongside weirder/wilder bits.
Record: VG+ apart from the very end of s2t3/bulk of t4,where faint marks cause some noise, on t4 it's declining quickly & not really too much of a bother; really light warp nap.
Cover: nice VG; fo; light seam/corner/edgewear; minor spinewear; slight rw but mostly shelfwear; light creasing at spine; very light wear obc at opening.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

Overlooked LP with choral/avant/jazz/free jazz, as well as spoken word on top of experimental sounds - cool spin when in the right mood. Participants include Elisabet Hermodsson & Lena Granhagen.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG+; fo + mounted pages; light overall wear + a small tear inside gatefold.
Price: SOLD

Ltd re of another Ithaca/Agincourt-related mega-rarity; this one's whimsical folky pop with a charming oddball local vibe/feel.
Record: should be unplayed, but has some very light surflines/scuffing typical for contemporary vinyl pressings.
Cover: beautiful EX; in shrink; absolutely minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

NEW! TRAFFIC - Mr. Fantasy (Island) UK 197?
Pink rim pressing of awesome 1st; to my mind one of the very best UK psych LPs.
Record: VG+
Cover: G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgwear; ring/shelfwear, esp obc; wear/tear top/bottom of spine; very light wear at opening f/b; some very light bends/creases.
Price: SOLD

NEW! TONY TREECE - Tall Dark Stranger (Crown) USA 196?
Cool country exploito with an at times slightly halting/untogether backing, giving this an unintentional - but welcome - edge.
(I have a few other LPs of this kind for cheap, like Jimmie Dale & The Western Trailsmen, Slim Sullivan & The Westerners etc - ask if interested.)
Record: VG; minimal warp nap.
Cover: VG+; in shrink; small tobc at opening, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 100 / $12

NEW! TRILOGY - I'm Beginning To Feel It (Mercury) USA 1970
Sort of folky, heavy rock - without being either folk or heavyrock - with west coasty vocal harmonies; perhaps a bit similar to the first Help LP. Also 12-string, flute, and Bernie Pershey from Lightning plays tablas on one track. Released right after the mighty Wizards From Kansas!
Record: EX apart from s2t2 which has some surfnoise, but you'll likely only notice at the very beginning. 
Cover: very strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear obc; minimal split bottom seam at opening; one very gentle cornerbend; micro wear at opening f/b. Insert.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

NEW! TRIPSICHORD - same (San Francisco Sound/Janus) USA 1971
Killer 1971 west coast acid rocker & rightfully considered a classic nowadays. This is a white label promo  with Janus logo on top of label & SF Sound
logo at bottom; there's been quite a bit of confusion regarding this pressing (and others of the title) through the years - me & Patrick
The Lama tried to sort this out in the 2nd AA, and among other things we concluded that this issue has the earliest stamper #s of any
of the Janus-related pressings. I'd say it's probably the rarest one as well - and not to be confused with the white label non-promo boot!
Record: strong G; light lines/marks only - plays VG; wlp.
Cover: very strong F; spine/seam/cornerwear; very light rw; 4" split mid-bottom seam; discreet clear tape on top seam repairing a split (well-done);
split top/bottom of seam; minimal wear f/b at opening; really thin crease ofc near spine. Displays rather well despite all this.
Price: SEK 1500 / $164

NEW! TURID - Tredje Dagen (Silence) Sweden 1975
Her third & to me this has some of her best material, like "Stjärnor Och Änglar" & the semi-titletrack. Backing from members of Kebnekajse,
Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Arbete & Fritid etc.
Record: VG; small stol s1. Not the best pressing.
Cover: VG; some creasing along spine/bottom seam & two library stkrs obc, otherwise very light overall wear only. Booklet.
Price: SOLD

NEW! TURID - Selma, Världserövrare (Metronome) Sweden 1977
With Kenny Håkansson, Folk & Rackare, Lasse Englund, Sture Nordin a o.
Record: VG+
Cover: very strong VG+; in shrink (!); some really light wear ofc at opening & a tiny bit of fading at top seam, otherwise minimal overall wear
only. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

UNIQUES - same (Paula) USA 1970
Surreal-looking guys, doesn't matter if they're in suits (ofc) or paisley pants (obc), doing turn-of-the-decade pop in a rather sugary manner, but it's actually pretty decent. I wished they'd unleashed more of the heavy fuzz heard on 'My Babe' & a couple of others though.
Record: s1 strong VG with just a few light lines, s2 VG+ - this hasn't been played much at all. Paula pressings are pretty crappy/noisy though. Minor warp nap.
Cover: beautiful EX, looks pretty much brand-new; drillhole.
Price: SEK 80 / $9


URIAH HEEP - Very 'eavy very 'umble (Bronze) Germany 197?
Early 70s re of 1970 debut LP.
Record: VG+
Cover: very strong VG; very light seam/cornerwear/edgewear; minimal ring/shelfwear; very tiny tofc; very light cornerbend; lbl stobc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

T-BONE WALKER - T-Bone Blues (Atlantic) USA 1970

Re of 1959 LP.
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: nice VG; light seam/spinewear; some cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; very light wrinkling ofc at opening; a couple of really light bends/creases; small shop stobc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! WALRUS - same (Deram) UK 1971
Heavy UK prog with lots of riffing  guitars & horns & gruff vocals - good LP & getting pricey too. Here's a really nice copy.
Record: visually VG with the light scuffing & surflines that Deram LPs so frequently come with - plays pretty much perfectly all through.
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only. Has the Deram inner.
Price: SOLD

WALRUS - same (Electricity) Sweden 2012
Two copies only of this small label release - supposedly in a kraut/psych/prog vein, although I haven't heard it myself.
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed
Price: SEK 200 / $22

RANDY WESTON - Tanjah (Polydor) USA 1973
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; light overall wear only. Insert.
Price: SEK 120 / $14

NEW! WHEATRIDGE - same (Sweetwater) USA 197?
Circa 1975 private press rarity/obscurity in a folky countryrock style; full band, nice harmony vocals, "Holy River" gets a Modlin & Scott
thing going. Pro-sounding for a local release, but has a sorta odd reverby sound which adds a distinctly homemade feel that (unwisely) would've
been removed right away from any major label job.
Record: very strong VG; micro warp nap.
Cover: very strong VG; in shrink; light wear/beginning of tiny ss both corners at opening; tiny ding at opening; some very light soiling ofc beneath
Price: SOLD

WHITE CLOUD - same (Good Medicine) USA 1972
Promo copy of rootsy rock with Thomas Jefferson Kaye; raunchy femme lead vocals & pretty heavy at times. Textured 'snakeskin' gatefold cover is rather distinctive, if not terribly succesful.
Record: very strong G; really light surflines only; minimal warp nap.
Cover: G; fo; promo stofc; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; minor ring/shelfwear; very faint ripples f/b, like if it's been standing in a damp basement for a while; ss; light soiling; 'half' cc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7


BOBBY WHITLOCK - same (Dunhill) USA 1972
Fine folky, laidback 1st that includes a couple of early German Twin faves (most notably 'A Game Called Life', with tablas; I seem to recall another track having them as well). This & the one below are both good records, unlike 'Red Velvet' that came out between them.
Record: EX
Cover: VG; fo; light seam/spine/cornerwear; really light rw obc; minor spits top/bottom at opening; slight cornerbend/bump; minor wobc; very light stain & stkr residue ofc; spine's a bit faded; drillhole.
Price: SEK 30 / $4

BOBBY WHITLOCK - One Of A Kind (Capricorn) USA 1975

His third & more in a southern rock style with a bunch of Allmans guesting, including Dickey Betts. Excellent opening track, a soulful guitar/organ drifter that I'd blast loudly during midnight cruises, if I had a car. 'Goin' To California', 'Rocky Mountain Blues' a o.
Record: EX; minor warp nap.
Cover: VG+; minimal seam/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; slight stkr residue ofc; really tiny sawcut.
Price: SOLD

NEW! THE WHO - Tommy (Track) UK 1969
Non-laminated cover.
Records: both nice G; no serious marks & mostly playing a lot better than grade.
Cover: strong G; multi-fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; 1" ss; light cornerwear/bumps; one light cornerbend; a few really light
creases; really tiny stofc. No booklet.
Price: SEK 120 / $13  

WHO - Who's Next (Polydor) Germany/Norway 1971
Record: overall VG, but s2t1 has a light scratch that ticks lightly here & there, and s2t4 has a small scratch which pops 8 times.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; some wear/small tears at opening f/b; light creases ofc; minor loosening of lamination at spine, mostly obc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

WINGS - same (Dunhill) USA 1968
Californian folkrock, the easy-to-go-to comparison would be Mamas & Papas, although this is much quirkier. Nice offbeat LP with some cool fuzz on last track.
Record: beautiful EX; looks just about unplayed.
Cover: VG+; light seam/spine/cornerwear; the tiniest touch of budding rw; some really light sort of soiling ofc, probably from manufacturing; a couple of very light bumped/bent corners; tiny drillhole.
Price: SOLD

BRENTON WOOD - Boogaloo (Brent) USA 1967
Mono copy of scarce soul LP.
Record: VG+; has some paperscuffing, but looks to have barely been played.
Cover: very strong G; would've been a grade higher if it weren't for a pretty big wofc (price); some seam/spine/cornerwear;light ring/shelfwear; minor ss; very tiny toc; top left corner of back cover slick has a slight wrinkle; very light wear at opening; minimal soiling obc.
Price: SEK 300 / $35

NEW! (STOMU) YAMASHTA / Come To The Edge - Floating Music (Island) UK 1972
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: very strong VG with minor overall wear only; fo.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

YARDBIRDS - Shapes Of Things (Charly) UK 197?
2LP comp.
Records: disc 1 VG, disc 2 VG+ except for a tiny mark at the beginning of s2t4 which very briefly cause light noise.
Cover: VG+; fo; tiny tear inside gatefold, otherwise very nice with light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

YARDBIRDS - Shapes Of Things (Bomb) Canada 1977

Canadian pressing of the above 2LP comp; different cover, clear vinyl.
Records: both EX (playing it safe because of the clear vinyl - they actually look unplayed)
Cover: strong VG; fo; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light rw; spine's a bit faded; micro wear at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 80 / $9