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Note: photos of laminated/shrinkwrapped covers may show reflections from flash.

New titles added December 20, 2021.

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NEW! ACE WEEMS & THE FAT MEAT BOYS - It's All Gone Now (Carryon) USA 1981
Very obscure Virginian folk/bluegrass with distinct Holy Modal Rounders influences on some tracks & a suitably off-beat cover design.
VG; very light spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; some faint age-yellowing/soiling; minimal wear ofc at
opening; one really small cornerbump; near-invisible stain ofc from removed price tag.
SEK 160 / $18
ace weemsJPG

"North Africa-Islamic Influence; South of the Sahara", with Bilal Abdurahuram & accompaniment by Rahkiah Abdurahman & Ayyub Abdullah. Great & rare LP.
nice G; light surflines & scuffing only.
VG+; light overall wear only. Booklet.
SEK 200 / $22
african instrumentsJPG

THE ALBION BAND - The Prospect Before Us (Harvest) UK 1977
strong VG; light surflines & scuffing only.
VG; 1" split bottom seam at opening - apart from this very light overall wear only. Original inner.
SEK 50 / $6

NEW! ALICE COOPER - Pretties For You (Warner) USA 1973
Early 70s re of pretty cool bent 1969 debut.
Record: very strong VG+ with just some super-light lines/scuffs - appears to have seen very little play.
Cover: VG+; fo; slightly faded spine & a really tiny piece of stkr residue obc, rest's just some very light overall wear.
Price: SEK 300 / $33

NEW! ALICE COOPER - Easy Action (Straight) USA 1970
Orig of the their 2nd & more of the same.
Record: solid G; some minor marks, but nothing very serious - plays fine; minimal warp nap; small wol s1.
Cover: nice G; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; top seam's split 1" at opening + about the same & very
discreetly at center; bottom seam has a really small budding split at opening; light stkr residue top seam; light corner
bends/bumps; spine's a bit flat; very light wear obc at opening.
Price: SEK 250 / $24
alice easyJPG

NEW! AMON DÜÜL II - Carnival In Babylon (Base) Italy 1986
Single sleeve re of their third, orig released in 1972.
Record: s1 EX, s2 strong VG+.
Cover: VG+; some overall wear only.
Price: SEK 300 / $33 ***HOLD***

NEW! AMON DÜÜL II - Wolf City (United Artists) UK 1974
1st all-through UK issue (the 1972 one was German disc in UK cover).
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; fo; would've been a solid EX but for a few small scratch marks on spine - apart from this there's just some light
overall wear.
Price: SEK 500 / $55
amon duul wolfjpg

ANTAPTIKA Chants Des Partisans Grecs (Delta) Italy 1972
strong VG; micro warp nap.
lower end of VG; some seam/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; wofc; some soiling obc; some very minor creases.
0 / $5

Good blues/psych rock with some pretty hot guitar/organ action; opener "Born Under A Bad Sign" might not be the most original choice for a cover, but these here are 7 splendid minutes.
Record: very strong VG; micro warp nap.
Cover: G; front's very nice with minimal rw, tiny cornerbends & not much else, but back has some faint soiling/yellowing, most visible next to spine, which is also somewhat discoloured. Also small tobc next to drillhol & some light seam/spine/cornerwear.
Price: SOLD
apple pie 1JPG

Promo of their 2nd/last & similar to the 1st, even down to the point of opening the LP with another 7 minutes long corker, although this time it's an original called "Orangutang".
Record: VG; quite a few surflines/scuffs, but apart from brief noise intro groove s1 they don't do too much; wlp.
Cover: nice G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; very small split bottom seam at opening & top seam at spine; two promo stofc; minor stain at top seam f/b - barely visible ofc, a bit more so obc; some soiling obc.
Price: SOLD
apple pie 2JPG

NEW! BABY GRANDMOTHERS - Merkurius (Subliminal Sounds) Sweden 2018
1st full-length from legendary Swedish 60s psych pioneers, including Kenny Håkansson & Pelle Ekman, both later of Kebnekajse.
Record: M-; played a couple of times at most.
Cover: M-; in shrink; insert.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

Musique Folklorique Du Monde BALI-JAVA (Musidisc) France 196/7?
Field recordings made by Deben Bhattacharya.
tiny pressing mark s2t2 cause 3-4 muffled background pops, rest's a strong VG+.
strong G; back has a few small tears at bottom flap; small tear obc at opening; two (old & small) stobc; small & light stkr stain bottom back. Otherwise just some light overall wear & an old pricetag ofc (apart from this front's really clean).
SEK 40 / $5

THE BAND - same (Capitol) USA 1969
US orig of their coveted 2nd; personally, it's still somewhat of a struggle getting into this.
Record: F; lots of light marks/lines/scratches, esp s1, but nothing too bad & it plays rather enjoyably.
Cover: rather nice F & about average for this easily-aged cover; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; 3" split top seam at opening; small stain ofc; minor stain inside gatefold; some wear f/b at opening.
Price: SOLD

NEW! RAY BARRETTO - Live (Atlantic) USA 1976
Records: both EX.
Cover: semi-weak VG+ but some minor overall wear only; fo.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

BEAT CLUB '68 (Polydor) Germany 1968
Comp with Who, Move, Cream, Blossom Toes, Hendrix & more.
Record: looks F, but plays better most of the time.
Cover: F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; 1" split mid-spine; light soiling/stains f/b; wear f/b at opening; bends/creases.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! BEATLES - For Sale (Parlophone) UK 1964
Mono. This version, I think...:
Record: looks F with plenty of light lines, scuffing etc, but except for s1t6,7 which have popping marks in parts (mostly of a background character though), it plays very nicely.
Cover: strong VG with light overall wear only; fo.
Price: SEK 250 / $27
beatles for salejpg

THE BEATLES - Hey Jude (Apple) UK 1970
The version with "Paper back Writer" & "Revolutions".
Record: looks F with lots of light lines/marks/scuffs, but it plays rather well - loud & clear with very little disturbance during music, but there's sufnoise between tracks & a tiny bit of background noise during "Don't Let Me Down".
Cover: strong F; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; tiny split top seam at middle; bottom seam split 2.5"at middle; small tofc at opening; light wear f/b at opening; very light soiling; bends & creases.
Price: SEK 200 / $22
beatles heyjpg

Music Atlas BENGAL (Odeon) Italy 1972
Record: very strong VG+.
Cover: strong VG; fo; light overall wear + very light age-yellowing inside gatefold & faint surfmarks obc where a stkr has been removed.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

CHUCK BERRY - Live at Fillmore Auditorium (Fontana) Holland 1968
Cookin' blues rock in a sorta laidback ballroom style - how fitting for the time (1967; Dutch issue came out a year later than the US one) & place! Backing by Steve Miller Band & production by "Voco" Kesh.
Record: G; quite a lot of surf lines & occasional light scratches cause some background noise here & there, nothing too bad though.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; micro beginning of split bottom seam at opening; light wear f/b at opening; seams & spine are very slightly tweaked.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

ELVIN BISHOP GROUP - same (CBS/Fillmore) Holland 1969
Record: nice VG; some light surflines only.
Cover: VG+; light spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; minimal loosening of lamination next to spine; a few light/small
creases along sides + one longer lamination crease obc - nothing very notable.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

BLAGO BUNG - Kärleken & Döden (Heartwork) Sweden 1981

Arty, offbeat experimental & electronically charged 12"; "Auto/Suggestion" is excellent & adds an unexpected garagey vibe via a 60s sounding organ. Good & scarce.
Record: very strong VG with just a tiny few surflines & some very light paper scuffing.
Cover: semi-weak G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light cornerbends + general minor creasing; sealing stkr/residue/small toc from removal f/b at opening; very light wear f/b at opening.
Price:  SOLD
blago bungJPG   

NEW! BLIND BLAKE - No Dough Blues (Biograph) USA 1971
Volume 3 1926-1929.
Record: looks VG, but Biograph pressings tend to be a bit noisy + this isn't from master tapes, of course, so there's some
unavoidable noise from source material as well.
Cover: nice G; in shrink; top seam split 3" at opening (although you'll likely only notice the first 1"); minimal wear/budding split bottom seam at opening; wear f/b at opening (small tears, wrinkling).
Price: SEK 100 / $11
blind blakeJPG

DIEGO BLANCO - Danza (Hamreem) Sweden 1976
Impressive guitar player doing one side folk-jazz-classical with vibes, cello, flute, oboe, additional guitar, bass, drums & one side acoustic guitar stuff, from classical to variations upon a Japanese folk song. Arranged & produced by Berndt Egerbladh.
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; bending/creasing, mostly ofc.
Price: SEK 40 / $6

BLOND - same (Fontana) USA 1969
US issue of sole LP by this post-Tages outfit; very UK-sounding pop/freakbeat/psych.
Record: very nice VG; some light lines/marks do very little.
Cover: semi-weak G; fo; some ring/shelfwear; small wofc; stofc; light cornerbend; a few very light creases; some light soiling; light  stain inside gatefold & even lighter obc; two drillholes.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! BOB BROWN - The Wall I Built Myself (Stormy Forest) USA 1970
1st of two (not taking the Meher Baba stuff into account) from excellent US folk/ssw/folk psycher; delicate, dreamy stuff. Promo.
Record: VG; rubber stamps ol.
Cover: strong G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; stofc; promo stofc; rubber stamp f/b; light soiling obc; light wrinkling obc at opening & ofc at spine; light wear/small tears f/b at opening; minimal cornerbumps. No insert.
Price: SOLD
bob brownJPG

NEW! RANDY BURNS and the Sky Dog Band - same (Mercury) USA 1971
1st non-ESP release from a Canadian lost on the streets of NYC; new label comes with a new sound as well - this has a very urban street vibe despite a track named "Livin' In The Country". David Bromberg guests on dobro & bottleneck.
Record: very strong VG+.
Cover: strong F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; ss; some soiling & stkr stains f/b; minimal wobc; a couple of small pieces of clear tape ofc; minimal cornerbend; drillhole.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! RANDY BURNS - I'm A Lover, Not A Fool (Polydor) 1972
Includes a minor German Twin classic in the great "Country Rain".
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; seam/spine/cornerwear, mostly top seam; minimal rw; some super-light dings/bends/bumps; micro wear f/b at opening;
minimal tobc next to sawcut.
Price: SOLD

NEW! RANDY BURNS and the Sky Dog Band - Still On Our Feet (Polydor) USA 1973
And one more... the type of 70s records that contain some rather fine music but likely will never become collectable, which in the demented corner of the universe where most collectors reside means they won't get heard much either, just because they're NOT pricey... oh well.
Record: strong VG; some faint surflines only.
Cover: G; mostly just seam/spine/cornerwear + ring/shelfwear, not much else. Oh, cc too. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JIMMY CAMPBELL - Half Baked (Vertigo) Germany 1971
Original German swirl copy (released a year later than the UK version).
nice VG; a few superficial lines & inner sleeve scuffing.
G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; light soiling/age-yellowing inside gatefold; a few light bends/creases; odd tear very bottom ofc.
SEK 300 / $33
jimmy campbellJPG

CANNED HEAT - Historical Figures and Ancient Figures (United Artists) USA 1972
very nice VG.
G; fo; would be a grade higher if it weren't for top seam being split 2" at opening. Apart from this there's minor overall wear only.
SEK 60 / $7

CANNED HEAT - The New Age (United Artists) Germany 1973
s1 looks G, plays better, s2 F with background surfnoise in quiet parts, louder ones are fine.
G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear - minimal ofc, more on back; soiling/fingerprints obc; light loosening of lamination obc at opening; light wear at opening f/b; two faint creases ofc; some light indentations/surf scrape marks obc. Original inner.
SEK 80 /  $9

THE CATS - Take Me With You (Imperial) Holland 1970

Pop/soft rock/soft psych with obvious Moody Blues influences; rather neat LP actually.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG+; fo; light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! CHAMBERS BROTHERS - Shout! (Vault) USA 1968
Pretty cool gritty r'n'b album; had they added some fuzz on a few tracks on the raunchier first side you'd see it described as 'funky black psych!!!' & with a far more respectable pricetag. But hey, "dig it for what it IS, man."
Record: G; lots of surflines & scuffing, but nothing deep/serious - plays rather nicely.
Cover: F; rather heavy wear all over, but far from trashed.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

GENE CHANDLER - In My Body's House b/w Go Back Home (Checker) USA 1969
Soughtafter 7"; A-side's great funk with very tasty lead guitar.
Record: G with a few very light marks only; some surfnoise on  intro grooves, but during music it plays just about perfectly; tiny warp nap.
Cover: Generic
Price: SEK 400 / $44

CLIFTON CHENIER - Louisiana Blues And Zydeco (Arhoolie) USA 1965
Record: nice G; some light surflines etc + s2 looks kinda fuzzy, but it plays fine.
Cover: F; top seam split all the way (or technically most of it is split just where slick meets cardboard); bottom seam split 2,5" from opening. Apart from this it's nice with some rather minor overall wear only.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

CHIMES OF RUSSIAN NORTH (Russian Disc) Russia 1991
What the title says...
Record: very strong VG+; some very faiint surfscuffs/lines only. I'm pretty sure this was unplayed, before I spotchecked it to see what it was all about.
Cover: really nice VG with just some minor overall wear.
Price: SEK 60 / $6
chimes ofJPG

THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD (C.W.F.F.) DISTRICT No. 2 CHOIR - Sunrise Meditation (Peace) USA 1969
Very obscure gospel LP with powerful vocals, piano/organ/bass backing. Great album, though a seriously low-budget recording/pressing which makes it hard on the ears if you care about such things... for the rest of us, it might perhaps just add to the vibe/feel. Directed by one Thelma Gould.
Record: nice G; a few light marks & paper scuffing.
Cover: plain white cover with title & reference # written in ballpoint ofc.
Price: SOLD
church ofjpg

LUIS CILIA - Meu País (Le Chant Du Monde) France 1974
Record: VG; looks a lot better, but there's a tiny bit of quiet background surfnoise here & there, might be a pressing issue?
Cover: VG+; multi-fo; really light/discreet tofc, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! TIMOTHY CLOVER - The Cambridge Concept Of (Tower) USA 1968
Pop/psych/softrock & not too bad either - "One Day You're A Rich Man" & "Tear-drop Mobile" are definitely worth an extra spin or two.
Record: VG+; some paperscuffing but looks (and actually is) more or less unplayed.
Cover: strong VG; very light seam/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; really small cornerbumps; tiny bit of soiling ofc; light dings f/b at opening; drillhole.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

DENNIS COFFEY - Back Home (Westbound) USA 1977
Record: EX; superlight marks s2t1 don't do anything.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear (top seam mostly); some rw; sealing stkr f/b; name stofc; tiny cornerbumps; one very light cornerbend; drillhole.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! CONSTANT SOUND - same (Lysergic Sound Distributors) USA 2021
Ltd re of legendary LP & up till just recently a complete mystery - turned out that it was a Wrecking Crew session that turned in this sunshine pop treat. Full story in detailed liners here.
Record: beautiful EX - played twice, literally.
Cover: beautiful EX; in shrink; a couple of very tiny cornerbumps from being perfect. Booklet + insert.
Price: SOLD

NEW! CONTACT TRIO - New Marks (Japo) Germany 1978
Cool instrumental sounds from guitar/bass/drums trio (obviously); long tracks that frequently gain access to some rather interesting zones.
Record: beautiful EX; possibly unplayed.
Cover: EX; price tag + minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 250 / $27  ***HOLD***
contact trioJPG

NEW! CONTACT TRIO - Musik (Japo) Germany 1981
As above, but with a somewhat darker undercurrent - this should appeal to eclectic psych heads as well.
Record: beautiful EX, possibly unplayed.
Cover: strong VG+; old price tags + very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

NEW! COOKIN' MAMA - New Day (Rock Bottom) USA 1972
Overlooked Bay Area band with Sherry Fox from Oasis amongst its many members. A long time ago I saw this described as "Tripsichord meets the Sons Of Champlin" & as far as simplifications go, that one's rather decent. Pretty good all through, but some cuts - like the title track - really nail that west coast hippie rock feel. This is the yellow/blue label version, which now seems to be considered the very first pressing.
Record: EX; a tiny few pressingmarks/scuffs.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; fairly light cornerbends; light ding ofc at opening
Price: SOLD
cookin mamajpg

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - Electric Music for Mind and Body (Vanguard) Holland(?) 1967
Not entirely sure of country, but definitely a Euro pressing (and a total must-have, should anyone have missed that).
Record: VG; light surflines only.
Cover: strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear f/b at opening; some really light/insignificant creasing along sides.
Price: SOLD
country joejpg

NEW! THE CRAMPS - The Crusher (I.R.S.) UK 1981
Three track 12". Blue cover variant.
Record: G; mostly just surflines & scuffs.
Cover: G; thin & flimsy, so some bends & creases are typically part of the deal; also some ring/shelfwear; some seam/spine/
cornerwear; light wear at opening f/b; hard-to-see stkr stain ofc.
Price: SOLD

RICK CUNHA - Songs (GRC) USA 1974
Solo LP from ex-Hearts & Flowers guy, in a ssw/folkie/countryrock LA/Nashville bag/sound. "Jesse James (Is An Outlaw, Honey", "Clinging To The Edge Of The World" a o.
Record: strong EX; looks unplayed.
Cover: strong EX; in shrink; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

DAMIEN - Shades From The Past (The Lost Tapes) (Kommun2/To The Death) Sweden 2012
2LP set (three sides of music, one etched) in doomy gatefold. Recorded in 1984-85, previously unreleased. I've not heard this, but it's obviously metal of some kind... one copy only.
Records: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; minimal wear bottom seam at opening where shrink's popped open a tiny bit.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NEW! RABINDRA (DANKS) - All I See Is You (Takoma/Devi) USA 1973
Krishna folky rock; does everything right (spacey, droning synths, tablas, weird vocals, raga moves, mystical vibes etc) on the long brooding "Lord's Sweet Name", which just happens to be another old German Twin classic.
Record: very nice VG+.
Cover: super-strong VG+ with just some very, very light overall wear (unusual for this cover); fo.
Price: SOLD

DARIEN SPIRIT - Elegy To Marilyn (Charisma) UK 1973
UK pop/rock with a bit of an arty vibe, vocal harmonies & acoustic guitars up front; some neat, slightly dreamy tunes (like "It Isn't What You Have") & title track is a wee bit on the psych side of things. Could serve well as a companion piece to "White Faced Lady".
Record: sealed.
Cover: F; sealed with stkrs which also served as pricetags - there's a bunch of them on top of each other at opening, but also at top seam. Also seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small toc; some wear f/b at opening; faint cornerbend + creases along seams/spine; very minor loosening of lamination f/b at spine; Marilyn's mouth is gone but some stkr residue remains.
Price: SEK 80/ $9

MILES DAVIS - Miles Ahead (Fontana) Holland 1958
Record: visually F but very light surflines/marks only & plays more like VG; stain lbl s1 + a small stain on each run-out groove.
Cover:  strong G; downgraded because of name written top back & some light tears/fraying/creases on back slick at spine.  Apart from these factors it's a nice cover with light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - Dimples (Sonet Grand Prix) Sweden 1967
Record: VG; obvious surflines s1 do nothing.
Cover: F; would be a strong G if it weren't for big writing top back, as with the above ink's removed, but shadowy outlines remain - not too
bad though. Apart from this there's minimal seamwear; minor cornerwear; scrapemarks on part of spine/front next to it; light ring/shelfwear; some tweaking & very slight loosening of lamination at spine; some wear at opening f/b.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! JIMMY DAWKINS - Come Back Baby (MCM) France 1977
VG; s1t1 looks a bit funky, but affect on play is little or less.
VG+; small shop stofc & light overall wear only.
jimmy dawkinsJPG

DAWNWIND - Looking Back On The Future (English Autumn) UK 1997
Ltd re (300 copies) in re-designed cover of rare 1976 Welsh folkrock/singersongwriter sounds. Four guys on acoustic guitars, but also electric guitar & bass, harmonica, piano, mandolin, fiddle, vocal harmonies. Pretty nice record that creeps up on you with time, but it may sound a bit samey at first.
Record: EX
Cover: VG+; two rather minor cornerbumps, otherwise very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

DEEP PURPLE - same (Harvest) UK 1969
UK 1st press sans EMI-box on label.
Record: looks kinda weak G with lots surflines & a few minor scratches, but apart from slight background noise in a few spots, a bit more than that for parts of last track's orchestrated bit & "Lalena" which is noisy on & off, it plays fine; obvious warp nap.
Cover: lower end of VG; fo; very light corner/edgewear; slight loss/creasing of lamination on spine; light ring/shelfwear; light lamination wrinkle bottom front; some minor creases here & there; minor wear at opening f/b; small & near-invisble stain inside fo.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

CLAES DIEDEN - First Claes (Olga) Sweden 1970
Rather obscure kinda sappy pop, the kind where just a little more taste & funnier ideas could've turned things into half-decent popsike. Alas, it wasn't to be.
Record: looks EX, but has faint background surfnoise - apart from between tracks you won't notice much though.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; sealing stkr f/b at opening; minor wear f/b at opening; small & hard-to-see tobc; some gentle bends/creases.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! DINNES - A Place To Be (HBD) Sweden 1978
Obscure & weird private press which mixes sounds in an appealingly offbeat way & in its own way it becomes a perfect snapshot of local no-goods cluelessly doing a lil' bit of everything. 1st track, "Rainbow", is a spacey disco-ish thing that definitely will appeal to more eclectic psych/weird ears as it rolls along on waves of cosmic keys, funky guitar & echoing vocals. "Warmachine" gets heavier, with riffing guitars, faint organ & a strong basement psych feel. "Daylight Woman" is a slow, spacey cut with treated vocals, kinda like a not-quite-prog ballad. "A Place To Be" is the fourth stand-out, the type of track that sounds almost normal at first, but when you listen closely you realize there's more going on than you initially thought. The aaah-backing vocals remind me of Atz & Nedra Kilcher, in case you'd want a reference you didn't see coming any time soon. These tracks would've rendered the LP as a likely candidate for inclusion in a Sound Effects list, and the rest of the LP... well, that's a different story. Oh, and visually they're giving Fortune Teller a run for their money!
Record: G; some surfmarks, lines, scuffing, but nothing very serious - plays fine. Wrinkles ol s1.
Cover: strong G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; stobc; some very light bends/creases; very light wear obc at opening; some super-light soiling.
Price: SOLD

K.C. DOUGLAS - The Country Boy (Arhoolie) USA 1974
Good LP with folk blues on side one, full band electric stuff on side two, including an excellent "Catfish Blues".
Record: VG+ except for beginning of s2t2 which has some brief ticking & popping; some minor paper scuffing s2.
Cover: nice VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; discreet split mid-top seam; light cornerbumps; promo stamp obc; minimal age-yellowing obc.
Price: SOLD
kc douglasJPG


Record: nice G; tiny mark s1 end t1/beginning t2 cause some noise, but overall playing better than grade; light warp nap.
Cover: very strong F; seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; ss; light cornerbends/bumps; back cover slick is slightly off-center & because of this fraying at spine (quick paper knife fix-up would turn it into G!); punch hole.
Price: SOLD
aynsley dunbarjpg

NEW! EDWARD BEAR - Bearings (Capitol) USA 1970
Canadian mixed bag of decade turning sounds (released in Canada a year earlier than this US issue). "Mind Police" is a cheap psych thrill with its freaky mix of treated vocals, snakey lead guitar & heavy backbeat, but I've also always dug the loose "Toe Jam" quite a bit, even though it doesn't really go anywhere.
Record: G; light surflines only.
Cover: F; fo; heavy seam/spine/corner/edgewear; heavy rw; rest's mostly rather minor; fo.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ELDERBERRY JAK - Long Overdue (Electric Fox) USA 1970
1st pressing of a bit-of-everything of the era - from CSN harmonies & acoustic stuff to hard rock & rural rock.
Record: G; low-level surfnoise here & there & very brief louder crackle in a couple of places, but overall playing ok.
Cover: strong VG; minor ring/shelfwear & some very light overall wear.
Price: SOLD
elderberry jakJPG

NEW! JOHN ENTWISTLE - Whistle Rhymes (Track) Germany 1973
Record: VG; last couple of tracks s1 looks a bit funky, but there's no affect on play.
Cover: nice G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; minor ring/shelfwear; some creasing at spine.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

EQUALS - Unequalled (President) UK 1967
1st from UK pop/r'n'b/garage band; check out "I'm a Poor Man" with great garage fuzz post-Satisfaction sound/vibe!
Record: looks F with plenty of light marks, but they're rather harmless & record plays WAY better than grade.
Cover: G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; stkr residue ofc; wobc; light stains/soiling obc; very light wear f/b at opening; some minor bends/creases.
Price: SOLD

1st & not as good as the follow-up, which could be the best Fredric-on-the-cheap album you'll find, but solid groovy 60s pop with garagey vibes, cheesy organ, vocal harmonies... check ut "Allison Dozer". Mono.
Record: VG; light lines/marks do very little; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG+; fo; light overall wear only + punch hole.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

Lui Tsun-Yuen on pipa and chin. There are at least a couple of slightly different pressings for this title - the one here has Lyrichord logo & # + 'Stereo' in a rectangle upper right corner ofc & richer/fuller colour to artwork.
very nice VG+; some paper scuffing; minor warp nap.
G; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; small ss top at opening; stofc; very small tofc; very light stain/soiling obc.
SEK 80 / $9
ancient chinaJPG

SCOTT FOLSOM - same (Folsongs) USA 1977

Fairly unknown singersongwriter private pressing with full band on side one, more acoustic on side two. "Ketchikan" is an old fave of mine.
Record: strong VG; light surflines & scuffing only.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear (mostly bottom fc); minimal splits at opening; light soiling;
small wobc; tiny cornerbends/bumps.
Price: SOLD
scott folsomJPG

NEW! 49th PARALLEL - same (boot) Euro 1980s
Ancient boot in blue monochrome cover of 1969 Canadian psych/pop/rock outfit; "Close The Barn Door" is a classic from the Endless Journey comps & sounds like something that could've been released on IA - killer track.
Record: EX
Cover: very strong VG; minor cornerbump + wear (not full split) 1" mid-top; shop/distribution stoc; rest's really minor overall wear only.
Price: SEK 250 / $27

GAGGED AND CHAINED The Sentencing Of Bobby Seale For Contempt (Certron) USA 1970
"Live interview with Bobby Seale recorded while imprisoned in New Haven, Connecticut jail". 2LP set housed in a great thick gatefold. Mono.
both EX & looking unplayed.
G; fo; some seam/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; sealing stkr tear/residue f/b; light cornerbumps; a couple of very light dings top seams; light age-yellowing.
SEK 50 / $6
gagged  chainedjpg

beautiful EX.
strong F; not terribly worn really, but there's typical lamination peeling/loss in several spots & Garbarek's name's oddly faded. Also big "Deutscher Schallplattenpreis" & smaller shop stofc. Not much else to mention.
SEK 100 / $11

NEW! GENTLE GIANT - Free Hand (Chrysalis) Germany 1975
G; lots of lines, but nothing deep/heavy.
VG; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light bends/creases; small tofc. Insert.
SEK 100 / $11

THE GOLDEN GATE - Year One (Audio Fidelity) France 1969
Orchestrated US pop in neat cover with a slight sunshine vibe & show tunes feel as well, original material. "In a Colorful Way" is by far the best, as it's only a few steps from moving into full-on popsike mode. Odd LP, who was the targeted audience?
F; mostly light marks & low grade's noticeable primarily via surfnoise between tracks.
F; seam/soine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small splits at opening top/bottom, and bottom at spine; 1" tear at bottom; small tobc; some minor lamination peeling; minor wear f/b at opening; some gentle bends/creases.
SEK 50 / $6
golden gatejpg

NEW! GORDON'S WAR (Buddah) USA 1973
F; would be VG, with mostly insignificant overall wear, but for a 2" x 1" tear top back (not affecting print very much), with some fraying next to it. Sawcut.
gordons warJPG

NEW! GREAT BEAR - same (Scepter) USA 1971
Psych/prog/rock, sort of, with lots of keys (organ, piano, harpsichord) but also some tasty guitar on tracks like "Almost Grown". I put "Cinderella" on a mix tape 25+ years ago, still a cool tune.
strong G.
strong F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; bumped/bent corners; faint DJ stamp ofc; light wear f/b at opening; some bends/creases; light soiling. Bear(s) (sorry) to repeat: F does not mean trashed.
great bearJPG

NEW! PETER GREEN - The End Of The Game (Reprise) Germany 1970
G, but nothing but super-light surflines & overall playing way better than grade.
VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; some faint bends/creases at spine & seams; minimal beginning of lamination lift top back corner at spine; minimal wear f/b at opening.
SEK 350 / $39
peter greenJPG

THE GROUP - sane (Polydor) Norway 1978
Smooth progressive jazz rock/fusion with Aaltonen, Pohjola a o; long tracks.
 G with very light surflines only, except for a few light scratches s2t2 which cause ticking & popping for the first 1/4 of the track.
 VG; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; some light creasing, mostly at spine; pricetag obc; really light wear at opening f/b.
 SEK 60 / $7  ***HOLD***

GUTBUCKET (Liberty) UK 1969
"An underworld of eruption" - comp with Beefheart, Hapsash & The Coloured Coat, Groundhogs, Hour Glass, Jo-Anne Kelly a o.
visually strong F, plays G.
nice G; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; stkr residue ofc; very light wear f/b at opening; light bends & creases; a tiny bit lamination loosening at spine.
SEK 40 / $5

GUNDER HÄGG - Vargatider (MNW) Sweden 1970
Their 2nd - still eccentric & interesting; players include guys from Internation Harvester & Arbete & Fritid.  Yellow/blue label.
Record: G
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; a faint corner bend & some light general bending & creasing; very light soiling obc; a couple of minimal cornerbumps & ditto wear ofc at opening. Insert.
Price: SOLD

NEW! KIP HANRAHAN - Desire Develops An Edge (American Clavé) USA 1983
LP + 26-minute 12" "EP". John Zorn, Jack Bruce, John Scofield, Steve Swallow & tons more.
Records: disc one looks EX at a glance but close inspection reveals some very light surflines/marks - however, apart from s1t1, where there's some really light/brief ticks at the very beginning, these don't do anything. Disc two (the 'EP') is EX (faint surfline s1t1 doesn't do anything).
Cover: very strong VG+ with very light overall wear; still has most of the shrinkwrap. Orig inners.
Price: SOLD

NEW! HARUMI - same (Verve) USA 1968
Semi-legendary Japanese psych, although it's been suggested elsewhere that it's actually one great Mothers hoax... from pop to sidelong freak-outs, much of this would've been a great soundtrack to one of those psych exploito flix of the day.
Records: s1 very strong G (plays fine), rest VG. Sl stkr residue ol s3
Cover: G; fo; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; 1" split bottom of 1st pocket + 2" & 1/2" splits both top seams at opening; wofc; cornerbend; faint/thin/hard-to-see scratch mark ofc; stkr residue ofc; light wear obc at opening; punch hole.
Price: SOLD

NEW! HELP YOURSELF - The Return Of Ken Whaley (United Artists) UK 1973
Incomplete version of the special edition - the Happy Days disc is NOT here.
Record: strong VG with very light/hard-to-see surflines/marks only - plays much better than grade.
Cover: Return... is EX with just the faintest overall wear, while outer cover is strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light
ring/shelfwear; light soiling & age-yellowing; some light bends & creases.
Price: SOLD
help yourself kenjpg  help yourself outerjpg

JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Axis: Bold As Love (Track) UK 1967
Record: visually P, but it actually plays rather decently & big chunks - esp on s2 - a lot better than that too. At its worst there's underlying
surfnoise & scattered ticks/light pops, but it's never terribly noisy.
Cover: lower end of G; fo; rather light seam/edgewear; spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; minimal budding split bottom  seam at opening; minor tofc; some wear at opening; some bends/creases; a few small near-invisible clear stains f/b. No insert.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

JIMI HENDRIX - In The Beginning (Shout) Canada 1972
1966 recordings with Lonnie Youngblood; I hadn't heard this in, what, 20 years maybe & was surprised at how good it is, esp the 11:24 "Let The God Sing" is awesome - and sounds way ahead of its time for the vintage.
Record: EX
Cover: lower end of VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; a bit of ring/shelfwear; minimal toc; light stkr stain ofc; a couple of very light creases along spine; micro wear at opening f/b; sawcut.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

JIMI HENDRIX - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (Frituna) Sweden 1982
2LP-set; very powerful sound on these.
Records: were unplayed when I got 'em, but there's some paper scuffing so say VG+; I decided to play check a few scuffs just to be sure - and they're completely inaudible. Storage warps nap.
Cover: strong EX with just the lightest overall wear; fo.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

PAUL HINDESMITH / HANS PETERMANDL - Jedné Noci Op.15 / Tanecní Skladby Op. 19 / Suita Op. 26 (Supraphon) Czechoslovakia 1979
Contemporary classical-into-avant LP with Hindemith's compositions & Petermandl on keys.
Record: strong VG+; minimal scuffing & a tiny surfline or two only.
Cover: very strong VG; 1" split mid-top seam, otherwise EX cover with really light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

Records: G, except for s4t4 which is inexplicably noisy. (Both discs look nice VG with a few light surf marks/lines/scuffing only, but it's not a great pressing.)
Cover: strong G; fo; some seam/spin/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; minimal beginnings of splits bottom seams at openings; light soiling/age-yellowing; a few very light bends & creases; one very tiny stain bottom back; minimal wear at openings f/b. Has the Teal inners (not specific for this release, but pretty cool anyway).
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! RAM JOHN HOLDER - Bootleg Blues (Beacon) UK 1971
Cool bluesrocker with great vocals & lead guitar on top of a solid backing band & a kinda hip vibe levitating the whole thing considerably.
Record: F because of a couple of ugly marks s2 which pops towards the end of t3 & 1st minute t4. Rest's G or better.
Cover: solid F; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; toc; 1" split spine at top; faint stkr stain ofc; light cornerbends; punched hole (but likely not a punch hole); minimal soiling. No insert.
Price: SOLD
ram johnJPG

HOLLIES - Greatest (Parlophone) UK 1968
Record: strong VG.
Cover: VG; very light cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; very slight cornerbending; some minor creases + a faint longer one top front; small stofc.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

RICHARD "GROOVE" HOLMES - Living Soul (Transatlantic) UK 1967

Record: nice F; plenty of light marks etc, but nothing too bad - I spotchecked & it plays rather ok, has background surfnoise but is still fully enjoyable & is often playing a lot better than grade.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; small tofc; very light age-yellowing/soiling obc; some light bends/creases; very light wear f/b at opening.
Price: SEK 50 / $6
groove holmesjpg

NEW! HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS - same (Prestige) USA 1969
Late 60s re of stone classic 1964 debut - every farm house needs this!
Record: nice & shiny VG.
Cover: VG+; minor cornerbend + very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD
holy modalJPG

NEW! THE HOOK - Will Grab You (Uni) USA 1968
Well-known heavy psych power trio with Bobby Arlin on guitar; Uni managed to release quite a few bands of this sleazy LA club ilk.
Record: nice & shiny G with light surflines only (& this is a loud LP... will play just fine).
Cover: nice F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; 3" split top seam at opening; small toc; light marks f/b at opening; light
Price: SEK 300 / $33

NEW! THE HOOK - Hooked (Uni) 1968
2nd/last in the same style (although this adds a fourth member on organ), plus the almost SAC-like "There's Magic In The Air".
Record: looks F with lots of light surflines & scuffs, but it plays fine!
Cover: F; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; typically flat unipak spine; some light bends/creases; woc;
Price: SOLD

BIG WALTER HORTON - With Carey Bell (Alligator) USA 1973
Record: strong VG+; light paper scuffing only.
Cover: nice VG; light cornerwear; micro shelfwear obc; minor cornerbump/bend; light stain obc; very tiny ding ofc at opening.
Price: SOLD

HOW BLUE CAN WE GET? (Blue Horizon) UK 1970

2LP set with all the expected names from the label's roster. Some tracks mono.
Records: both VG; light surflines & scuffing.
Cover: strong P; fo; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small ss; tears/stkr residue from sealing stkrs f/b both pockets; very tiny tofc; some soiling, a bit more obc; stain obc; some minor cornerbends/creasing; light wear at openings. No booklet (actually this wasn't even included with all copies).
Price: SEK 50 / $6

THE HUMBLEBUMS - same (Transatlantic) UK 1969
2nd from the duo of Gerry Rafferty & Billy Connolly; orchestrated pop-folk sounds.
very strong VG.
lower end of VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; minimal soiling obc; very light creasing along spine; very light wear f/b at opening.
SEK 80 / $9

THE HUMBLEBUMS - Open Up The Door (Transatlantic) UK 1970
3rd/last, with heavy guests like Terry Cox & Barry Dransfield (+ Bernie Holland of Jody Grind). Loses most of the over-arranged backing - a wise move that is trumped only by the addition of tablas on one track. "Steamboat Row" is a really neat song.
VG; a grade higher but for a couple of tiny marks s1t5,6, they do very little though; micro warp nap.
very nice G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear (black laminated cover); some loosening of lamination f/b at spine; very light wear f/b at opening; a few light creases at spine & one obc at opening.
SEK 80 / $9

HUMBLE PIE - Performance Rockin' The Fillmore (A&M) UK 1971
disc one's F with plenty of light lines & surfmarks, nothing too serious though & esp s2 plays a lot better than grade, while disc two has an ugly scratch s4, which causes some minor noise + mostly scattered pops, most notably a handful repeated ones during banter between t1,2, but rest's a solid G.
F; fo; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small tofc at opening; light wear f/b at opening; some creases/bends.
SEK 50 / $6

NEW! H.Y. SLEDGE - Bootleg Music (SSS) USA 1971
Obscure band with an ex-member of the mighty Wilkinson Tricycle in their ranks. A bit hit & miss, but at its best they get a good psych/prog-light thing goin'/groovin' with plenty of cool guitar/organ action & some neat percussion on top.
Record: G; overall nice, shiny & playing fine, but some marks cause bits of noise (mostly on parts of s1t3 & s2t5) - not out of hand, but noticeable.
very strong VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; light cornerbumps.
hy sledgejpg

NEW! ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS - same (Columbi) USA 1969
1st/best from Paul Cotton, Kal David a o; bluesy, occasionally folky rock with some hardrock & mildly psychy leanings. Closer "Free Ride" packs a lotta punch in its slightly bonehead rural fuzz beauty!
G; fo; minor seam/spine/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; faint age-yellowing/soiling; very tiny split bottom seam; top seam split 4" & 'repaired' with neatly applied clear tape; very small tobc; very light wear obc at opening.

NEW! INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - No Ruinous Feud (Reprise) USA 1973
VG; fo; ring/shelfwear + light overall wear; cc.

NEW! INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - Hard Rope & Silken Twine (Island) UK 1974
s1 F because of a few light scratches causing some background crackle, s2 is G.
VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear; slightly faded spine; some very gentle creases; stkr/residue obc. Orig inner.
SEK 80 / $9

NEW! INCREDIBLE STRING BAND - Seasons They Change (Island) UK 1976
2LP comp incl the weird 16 minutes "Queen Juanita And Her Fisherman Lover", recorded in 1970 but not released until this came out.
both EX.
VG; fo; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; 1" budding split; stkr stain ofc; minimal toc; light wear f/b at
openings; odd/very-hard-to-see scrape marks ofc; a couple of very light cornerbends.
SEK 150 / $16

NEW! JACOBS CREEK - same (Columbia) Canada 1969
Late 60s brew with psych, folk, pop & more with the Van Eaton bros; nice vocal harmonies, refined arrangements with trumpet, sax, hand percussion, sitar etc.
G & better; nice & shiny, but has plenty of light surflines & marks, so there's some light background noise, occasional ticks/pops etc. Mostly playing just fine though.
nice VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; small tofc; tiny cornerbend; very light wear obc at opening; punch hole.
jacobs creekjpg

NEW! JACOB'S REUNION - same (Chelsea House) USA 1975
East coast eclectic bag of folky sounds, mixed vocals & great players. "Solid Night" is a solid winner. Band includes John Coster who had a couple solo LPs later on (this is considerably better than those!).
visually a very strong VG+ with just some inner sleeve scuffing, but plays with a slight background surfnoise (more
notable on s2, esp intro t1 & between tracks), which I think is the case with many/all copies. Micro warp nap.
VG+; in shrink; just about perfect except for 1" split mid-top seam. Insert.
SEK 250 / $27  ***HOLD***
jacobs reunionjpg

STEPHEN JAMESON - same (Dawn) UK 1973
Frequently US-sounding singersongwriter with full backing. "Tuscon" is a great drifter track. Some crappy pop stuff too, but much of this is considerably better than I remembered.
Record: VG; a few superficial lines & marks only.
Cover: strong G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; 1" split mid-top seam; very tiny tofc; light wear obc at opening; light creases obc at spine.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

JAN JOHANSSON - 300.000 (Megafon) Sweden 1972
Record: strong G; light lines/surfmarks/scuffing only.
Cover: F; main reason for the low grade is heavy ring/shelfwear obc, but there's also seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear ofc (but far less than on back); very light wear ofc at opening; small stkr stain/tear (white-on-white) obc. Comes with a Megafon booklet.
Price: SEK 80 / $9
***I have a few scarce Jan Johansson pic sleeves EPs as well - ask if interested ***

KAIPA - Solo (Decca) Sweden 1978
3rd from legendary (or was that stiff?) Swedish symphonic band.
Record: nice & shiny G; light lines/marks & scuffing; very light background ticks beginning s2t1; micro warp nap.
Cover: G; downgraded because of stkr/glue residue (which has turned black!) f/b at opening - apart from this it's a nice VG+ with very light overally wear only. No inner.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

NEW! KALA - same (Bradleys) UK 1973
Sort of clean west coast rock sounds from 3rd division supergroup (ex-members of Quintessence, Methusaleh, Ray Owen's Moon, Hokus Poke etc).
G; looks better, but there's some underlying surf noise which comes through a bit in quiet moments/between tracks.
G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; bottom seam split 1" at middle + minimally at opening; minor cornerbending &
creasing; light wear at opening f/b; minimal tobc. Orig inner.
SEK 120 / $13

NEW! KEBNEKAJSE - Vi Drar Vidare (Mercury) Sweden 1978
Last one from the vintage years & line-up & sound changes are obvious - this goes for a clean prog/symph thing & there's not a homespun folk rockin' pipedream to be heard anywhere.
strong VG.
VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; wobc; a few very light bends/creases; very light & near-invisible soiling.
SEK 200 / $22

NEW! HERMAN KELLY & LIFE - Percussion Explosion (Alston) USA 1978
nice VG; mostly just some faint paper scuffing.
very strong G; seam/scornerwear; ring/shelfwear; very light soiling/stains/age-yellowing; super-light water damage; minimal wear obc at opening; sawcut.
SEK 150 / $16

NEW! JONATHAN KELLY - same (Parlophone) UK 1970
Soft singersongwriter, overly saccharine at times, but he has some great songs - I've always dug "Denver", "Son Jon" & "Daddy Don't Take Me Down Fishing" - and there's solid playing from Ashton, Gardner & Dyke + an uncredited Clapton. Wish they'd used the tablas on "Sailor" more though! Seems to have become more sought-after lately. Very nice copy.
Record: strong VG+; looks perfect at a quick glance, but close inspection reveals some very light surflines.
Cover: VG+; faint stkr stain ofc + light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 1000 / $110
jonathan kellyjpg

KING CURTIS - King Size Soul (Atco) USA 1967
looks a strong F; plays WAY better than that.
lower end of G; seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear, mostly obc; three small splits on top seam; name stofc; light wear ofc at opening; super-light scratch marks f/b; faint & not very visible water stain bottom corners; very light soiling obc; a few light bends/creases.
SEK 40 / $5

NEW! KING-KONG - same (Sky) German 1981
Rather obscure kraut title with an odd sound including lots of electronics & robotic moves, right down to semi-spoken vocals, but there's also some highly unexpected harmonica on one song + one campfire acoustic guitar-based tune, as well as near-hardrock & mildly funky stuff. Housed in a suitably odd/great cover.
some light surfmarks/scuffs cause a bit of noise here & there, mostly of a background character but more noticeable during the very first few seconds s2t1, while are parts play pretty much perfectly... so say VG on average but less at times & better at others.
nice VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light wear f/b at opening; some really light creases; tiny cornerbumps.
SEK 600 / $67

Avant/free jazz LP.
beautiful EX (and - knowing where it came from - possibly unplayed).
EX; minimal overall wear only.
eduardo mkohanjpg

LEADBELLY - Sings & Plays (Society) UK 1965
Early recordings.
Record: VG; some faint lines/surfmarks. For obvious reasons sound quality isn't exactly hi-fi though.
Cover: strong G; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small cornerbend; slight stkr residue obc; light stain obc; light crease obc.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

LEADBELLY / JOSH WHITE - same (Presto) UK 1965
Record: VG; as above re sound quality though.
Cover: VG; very light spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; very light stkr residue ofc; a tiny bit of lamination loosening at top seam; old price-tag obc; some very light soiling obc.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

O'DONEL LEVY - Dawn Of A New Day (Groove Merchant) USA 1973
Funky jazz guitar instrumentals.
Record: VG+; some scuffing & a couple of faint surfmarks, but overall this appears to have played very little; micro warp nap.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear, mostly obc; top seam has a tiny split at spine & minimal ditto at opening; very light wear obc at opening; minimal stain ofc.
Price: SOLD
odonel levyjpg

THE LOUISIANA ACES - same (Rounder) USA 1974
Good Cajun LP.
Record: strong VG; downgraded because of paper scuffing - this hasn't seen much play at all though.
Cover: very strong VG+; in shrink; downgraded because of a couple of light cornerbumps & at the top one, at opening, there's a micro budding split; apart from this absolutely minimal overall wear only. Booklet.
Price: SOLD

NEW! JOHN D. LOUDERMILK - Volume 1 - Elloree (Warner) USA 1971
With Norman Blake a o.
Record: strong VG; light marks s1t1,2 hardly do a thing, rest's a grade higher.
Cover: VG+; mostly in shrink; small price tag ofc + very light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS - Love Is Stronger (RCA Victor) USA 1971
Soul with a kind of laidback funky vibe; both male & femme lead vocals. "Don't Blame the Young Folks (for the Drug Society)".
Record: nice VG; paper scuffing & a few light surflines only.
Cover: VG; ugly sawcut, but apart from this minor overall wear only.
Price: SOLD
love peace  hjpg   

LOVE SCULPTURE - Forms And Feelings (UK) 196?
2nd pressing (one EMI box) of 1969 psych/prog LP.
Record: G; light lines/scuffing only; plays fine.
Cover: VG; main issue is ring/shelfwear ofc, typical for this black laminated cvr; also minimal stofc; very discreet pinhole in each of the top corners; very light seam/cornerwear; really light wear f/b at opening; a very gentle crease or two. Cvr's very slightly 'flat' too.
Price: SOLD

RALPH LUNDSTEN - Strömkarlen (EMI/HMV) Sweden 1973
Black label with the '2nd' NCB logo, I can't quite recall if there was a slightly earlier press with the 1st logo.
Record: strong VG; some really light surflines only.
Cover: strong VG; very light overall mostly & would be a grade higher if it weren't for a name wofc - pretty big, but faint - and a rubber stamp ofc - again, pretty big but not very visible/disturbing.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

RALPH LUNDSTEN - Summer Saga / Pop Age (EMI Angel) USA 1983
Record: New/unplayed.
Cover: Sealed but let's say strong EX because of super-light cornerwear/bends & tiny dings bottom seam + sawcut.
Price: SEK 80 / $9 

LARS LYSTEDT SEXTET - Jazz Under The Midnight Sun (Interdisc) Sweden 196?
Early-on 2nd pressing of 1963 LP; mono.
Record: overall strong G; nice & shiny with only very light surflines & it plays fine, except for intros s1t1 & s2t1 where there's more surfnoise & a bit further in s2t2 where a scratch causes some very brief & not-too-bad noise.
Cover: F; seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; tape residue along bottom seam f/b; shop stobc; wear at opening, mostly ofc; hard-to-see/mostly removed wofc; tiny split top seam at opening.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

MADE IN SWEDEN - Made In England (Sonet) Sweden 1970
Third from well-known jazz/psych/prog trio; pretty good LP.
G; some background noise/ticks on s1, but the bulk of the record plays fine.
G; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; some ring/shelfwear; light lamination lift next to spine, mostly ofc; minor stains/soiling/age-yellowing obc; very light wear obc at opening; a few mild creases at spine.
SEK 200 / $22

MAD LADS - In Action (Volt) USA 1966
Classic soul LP.
Record: G; looks better (& overall it plays better too), but has some rather minor pressing surfnoise here & there.
Cover: VG; a tiny touch of overall wear + a small stobc & name in ballpoint obc; a small split bottom seam at opening & a very faint/hard-to-see small stain obc. Front's amazingly clean for the vintage.
Price: SOLD
mad ladsjpg

MALOUF TUNISIEN (En'Nagham) Tunisia 196?
Rare 10" mini-comp with Gharrad El Komri, Ikoulek Zaman El Azhar & Hosn El Idhar. Nice roch sound with mixed vocals, string & reed instruments, lots of percussion.
one side G, the other strong F; both with light surflines/marks only.
F; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light bending & creasing + one more obvious crease mid-front; spots ofc have lost
colour - don't know how to describe it properly, but it's obious in pic below; some stains obc (one slightly bigger, but not that bad, and a couple of smaller/lighter ones which are hard to see); minor wobc; some wear & small tear ofc at opening.
SEK 80 / $9
tunisien 10JPG

LE MALOUF TUNISIEN (El Fen) Tunisia 196?/7?
Different from the above, this is a full-length 12" LP with - as far as I can tell - anonymous players. Excellent instrumental music with a wide array of string & reed instruments, some with percussion backing as well. Sparse performances with one or a few players at most. Very cool simple cover design, with slightly embossed print ofc, blank die-cut back.
looks strong F; lots of surflines & scuff marks, but very light ones only & apart from light surfnoise between tracks you won't notice very much.
G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; wofc; small price tag ofc; light soiling f/b; very small tobc; some bending & creasing - very thin, flimsy cardboard, so the latter seems more or less unavoidable.
SEK 150 / $16
tunisien lpJPG

MANFRED MANN - What A Mann (Fontana) UK (or is it Australia?) 1968
Long time since I heard this, so I gave it a brief spin & it was much better than I remembered, even some faint psych & early prog undercurrents and rather solid - if a bit lightweight - from start to finish.
Record: s1 G, s2 F, both with light surflines/marks only, plays ok.
Cover: F; some seam/spine/cornerwear + spine has a 3" split at middle; light ring/shelfwear, a bit more obc; bottom flap has a tiny tear at opening & a bigger one at right hand corner; some creasing & bending; minor wear at opening f/b. Front looks rather good & it's not terrible overall either.
Price: SEK 100 / $11
manfred mannjpg

NEW! PAUL MASSE - Butterfly Lake (Liberty) USA 1968
Thick gatefold is perfect for the sounds within - kinda sappy/too serious flowery folk pop, but pretty charming still & at its best there's even a slight whiff of "Dreams & Images" to be heard.
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: lower end of VG; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring7shelfwear; small tear/stkr residue ofc; light cornerbump; very
light wear obc at opening; very light creasing at spine.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! PAUL MASSE - Motels & Stations (Liberty) USA 1969
2nd/last loses most of the overdressedness & is more singersongwriter in sound, although his dead earnest vocal delivery still gives it a bit of crooning young man with a message feel. "High On A Hill" is excellent, with some neat flute playing & more of that's to be found on the equally great folkrocker "Where It's At", which also has some cool understated electric guitar. Overall a rather fun, overlooked record. "/.../ a man who lives from town to town, from motel to motel, gas station to gas station" claims the liners!
Record: VG+; a couple of faint surflines/marks hardly do a thing.
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; 1" split bottom seam at opening; some wear f/b at opening; cc.
Price: SOLD

VIRGILIO MASSINGUE - Viva Mocambique Independente (Gala Gala) Mocambique 1976
Rare original Mozambique release (this came out in Portugal as well, under a slightly different title). Fine LP in a sort of folksinger style, with various stringed instruments & percussion, long tracks.
Record: overall G & mostly playing very nicely, but s1t3 is F due to odd superficial (pressing?) marks which cause background crackle for half the track; also some sort light inaudible 'flames' on both sides.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light soiling/age-yellowing; light 'scratch' marks bottom front; very light wear ofc at opening.
Price: SEK 150 / $16
virgilio massingueJPG

TOUSSAINT McCALL - Nothing Takes The Place Of You (Ronn) USA 196?

Great 1967 soul/r'n'b with cool garagey lead guitar on "The Toussaint Shuffle" & "The Title Escapes Me". Red label version, not sure of exact year.
Record: VG+; some superlight surflines & scuffing, but this has rarely been played; micro warp nap.
Cover: strong VG+; in shrink; minimal overall wear + some light dings top seam & a few creases from manufacture ofc, otherwise a grade
higher; drillhole.
Price: SOLD
toussaint mccalljpg

McCOYS - Infinite McCoys (Mercury) USA 1968
Their psych LP & pretty good it is too, in a sorta arty way. "Hell" goes there & doesn't come back... Sloopy dead & gone in the flames.
Record: F; looks a solid VG, but plays with light background surfnoise.
Cover: G; seam/spine/cornerwear; lots of ring/shelfwear; small split bottom seam at opening & top seam next to spine is stripped bare to cardboard; very light wear f/b at opening; tiny crease ofc at spine; drillhole.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

NEW! SHELAGH McDONALD - (Polydor) Germany 1970
UK folk with strong vocals & a terrific backing band (including Mighty Baby members; plenty of strong songs too.
Record: VG; downgraded because of some super-light & nearly invisible hairlines - looks EX at a glance. Will play way better than grade.
Cover: very strong VG+; would've been a grade higher if it weren't for a really small tobc. Any other wear is completely insignificant.
Price: SEK 1000 / $110  ***HOLD***
shelagh mcdonaldjpg

BROWNIE McGHEE & SONNY TERRY - A Long Way From Home (Bluesway) USA 1969
Record: strong EX.
Cover: nice VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear, obc mostly; minimal wear at opening f/b; drillhole.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

JIMMY McGRIFF - Groove Grease (Groove Merchant) UK 1972

Record: s1 very strong G with light surflines only, s2 VG.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; really light wear f/b at opening; some light bending & creasing f/b.
Price: SOLD

NEW! LES MENESTRIERS - same (Vanguard) USA 1974
French folk band with medieval/renaissance influences/instruments & somehow this is enough for me to occasionally think of both Kaleidoscope & Emma Myldenberger when I listen to it. Maybe not quite as exciting as that might make you think though, but a pretty good LP. Bonus points for great paisley shirts on two of the guys.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; light stains/soiling obc; really small splits both seams
at opening; light bend/crease at top.
Price: SOLD

METERS - Rejuvenation (Reprise) USA 1974
Record: very strong VG with some paper scuffing & pressing marks only - appears to have seen very little play.
Cover: nice F; seam/spine/cornerwear; bottom of spine is beginning to split; some ring/shelfwear; 2" ss mid top seam & there's a 1/2" tear from this down on front; light bend at top.
Price: SOLD
meters rejuvenationjpg


Sealed re of Paul Major-hyped 1977 private pressing.
Record: Sealed
Cover: Sealed; some very light wear on corners, top spine, bottom seam at opening.
Price: SOLD

MISIKI GAMBIA Music Of The Gambia (Bussu/Sound News Productions) UK 19??
Very rare V/A LP with vocals, cora, sabarr, tama, riti... great stuff. I'm guessing it's a circa late 60s release. Mono.
Record: looks P, with lots of marks/lines etc, but nothing super-bad. Plays between P and up to VG (for a couple of tracks). Tiny warp nap.
Cover: lower end of F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; tofc; wofc; staining & soiling; bends & creases etc. It should be noted that it's a thin & flimsy cover & thus more or less bound to come with severe wear.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

MOBY GRAPE - 20 Granite Creek (Reprise) UK 1971
UK original of great 5th & not-quite-swansong LP; it rocks hard, it's sweet, it's weird & it sounds like they could slide off the tracks at any moment & it all ends up as something very human & real.
Record: VG; inaudible tiny mark s1t2, rest's paper scuffing & very light surflines only.
Cover: strong G; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; some light creasing & a really light indentation mark; very light corner bend.
Price:  SOLD

THELONIUS SPHERE MONK - Monk's Blues (Columbia) USA 1969
Record: light background surfnoise here & there & some background ticks/pops s2t2,3, but big chunks play very nice as well, so say G overall.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; one very light crease ofc; one faint cornerbend.
Price: SOLD

NEW! MONTAGE - same (Bam-Caruso) UK 1986
Scarce re in new cover design of Left Banke-related 1969 psych-pop LP.
Record: VG; has lines & scuffs, but very light ones only.
Cover: VG; basically a grade higher with very light overall wear only, but there are some odd & very light indentations ofc, which you'll only notice if you angle the cover right. Anyway, downgraded just to play it safe.
Price: SOLD

NEW! CHRIS MOON GROUP - same (Kinetic) USA 1970
Overlooked bluesy, heavy rock with plenty of hot guitars & over-the-top vocals from Jeff Monn (album on Vanguard & ex of the Third Bardo). "Get Together Jim" is actually not terribly far from Fraction in sound.
Record: EX; a tiny few paper scuffs, but basically looks unplayed.
Cover: VG; in shrink (but it was obviously a re-seal); seam/cornerwear; bent/bumped corners; cc.
Price: SEK 200 / $22

VAN MORRISON - His Band and the Street Choir (Warner) USA 1970
Record: VG+
Cover: VG; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; minimal ss; faint tear/bend top front/back; very light soiling obc; very light cornerbumps; slight & near-invisible fading top back; a couple superlight creases at sides. Insert.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

NEW! MORTIMER - same (Philips) USA 1968
UK-sounding softrock/pop/psych, listed amongst the Best Buys in the 1st edition of Acid Archives.
Record: nice VG.
Cover: VG; minor overall wear + a 1" split bottom seam at opening; drillhole.
Price: SOLD

MOTHERS - We're Only In It For The Money (Verve) UK 1972
Early UK reissue of which there are plenty variants around - this has 'Made undeer licence from...' on label s1, and 'Distributed under licence from...' s2.
Record: strong G with really light surflines/marks only - looks EX at first glance.
Cover: VG; fo; slight seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; one bumped/bent corner, not too bad; 2" ss top seam.
Price: SOLD

Record: very nice VG; some super-light surflines only.
Cover: very strong G; gimmick-fo; I've downgraded because of some odd minor ink-stains obc, nothing too bad & otherwise cover's a grade higher with some seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; a couple of really light bends/creases; small & near-invisible writing on so-called acetate sheet (which nevertheless is really nice); spine's a bit flat; "Honaloochi Boogie" hyp stkr ofc. Orig inner.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

NEW! THE MOVEMENTS - Like Elephants 1 & 2 (Sunrise Ocean Bender) USA 2014
Ltd (300 copies) 2LP set compiling both volumes of psych/pop/garage with plenty of 60s influences all across the board; might appeal to Soundtrack Of Our Lives fans.
Records: both beautiful EX; a really faint scuff or two - which seems unavoidable with new vinyl - but they look unplayed.
Cover: beautiful EX; in shrink; nothing but absolutely minimal overall wear. Orig inners + dl card.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

Original issue of 1958-68 recordings. Mono.
Record: s1 EX, s2 VG+.
Cover: VG+; fo with booklet; light overall wear + tiny bit of stkr residue f/b.
Price: SEK 40 / $5


MUSIK FRÅN UNGERN Csángósånger (Expo Norr) Sweden 1967?
Rare original pressing sans any Caprice mention on labels. No 'single album postage' on this one!
Record: EX; slight warp nap.
Cover: dust cover has tears & creasing f/b, most notably a 3" x 1" tear bottom back (see pics). Also some light overall wear, like near-invisible stains top front. Hardcover is in top shape & booklet is very nice too, except for a small spot at top of each page, where they had stuck together at some point, now gently separated & not a very big deal. Also some very light age-yellowing to pages. Original pocket holding the disc is in excellent shape.
Price: SEK 150 / $16
musik frn ungernJPG

MUSIQUES DU PÉROU Paucartambo Indiens Q'eros (Ocora) France 1986
Some truly out-there reed-based tracks (esp on s2) with humming/chanting vocals; interesting stuff going on both tonally & harmonically. Some percussion too & at times there's an almost free jazz-esque vibe to it - SO far from the watered-down versions of this music typically encountered when only scraping the surface. This 80s re has a different cover than the 60s/70s(?) original.
Record: VG+
Cover: VG+; fo; very light overall wear + fading on/along spine & top seams.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

THE NIXON INTERVIEWS With David Frost (Polydor) USA 1977
Sticker-sealed 4LP-box with the T Nix; two sides each on Watergate, "Nixon and the World", "War
at home and abroad", and "The final days and other highlights".
Records: New/unplayed.
Cover: VG; minor storage wear + sealing stkr f/b.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

NORTH INDIA VOCAL MUSIC Dhrupad and Khyal (Philips) Holland 1971
Another LP in the Unesco series; with vocalists Mohinuddin & Aminuddin Dagar, Robin Kumar Chatterjee, plus backing crew on tamboura, tablas, pakhavaj, sarangi. Mono.
Record: VG+; very clean - some paper scuffing only.
Cover: G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; tiny split top seam at opening; tofc (white-on-white); small stain obc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

OHTEIA (Columbia) Greece 19??
Single-sleeve re of Greek folk LP originally released in 1974. Most of the print is in native tongue & lost on me... sorry!
s1 beautiful EX, s2 strong VG+ with just a tiny few light surflines.
very strong VG; really light spine/cornerwear; light cornerbump; superlight ring/shelfwear; spine's very lightly tweaked; some insignificant bends/creases; minimal age-yellowing ofc; faint indentation 'bumps' ofc; very small/hard-to-see glue residue/soiling top back. (Sounds like a whole lot, but it's really more like a 'new' archival copy with slight storage wear!)
SEK 50 / $6

NEW! OLIVER - Standing Stone (no label) France 199?
Long gone early 90s (I think) re of legendary UK monster rarity. One-man-band folk-psych-blues with shades of Beefheart, Robert Johnson & archetypical Brit moves as well/of course. Ltd &#'ed (67/300).
very strong VG; bent/bumped corners & light rw top back & hardly anything else.

HANS OLSON - Sings The Blues (Cremo) USA 1980

Mix of acoustic & electric blues with gritty vocals & long tracks. Local Arizona release.
Record: nice G; light lines & scuffing only; micro warp nap.
Cover: G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; quite a bit of rw, mostly ofc. Signed obc.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

O POVO CANTA (Radio Mocambique) Mocambique 1976
"1 aniversário da independencia de Mocambique". Rare 2LP set.
Records: both strong VG; some very light surf marks/scuffing only; small tol s1, small stol s2/4.
Cover: nice G; fo; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear & super-light soiling; tiniest beginnings of splits top/bottom at openings; some light bends/creases; two small tears (white-on-white) inside gatefold; rather light wear at openings f/b.
Original inners.
Price: SEK 120 / $13
a povo cantajpg

NEW! OUT OF FOCUS - same (Kuckuck) German 1971
Rare kraut LP, 20 years since I last had a copy & while that one came from a monster 10,000 piece collection, the bulk of which burned, this one involved a whole lotta serious heartbreak on my part just to be able to grab it & put it up here. Long story, but obviously you might be in for heavy stuff if you decide to go for it. And don't tell me that's not the best sales rap you've ever heard.
S1 VG+, s2 VG with just some light surflines. Plays nicely all-through with - at worst - some VERY minor background
surf noise (something which comes seemingly with all copies, including mint ones).
very strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; some light creasing along seam/spines, typical for laminated covers; light wear at opening f/b; minor lamination lift obc next to spine; small tobc.
SEK 3000 / $330
out of focusjpg

PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC - Get it on (Sonet) Sweden 1969
Scarce Swedish pressing in single dressed lady sleeve of their 1968 debut. A lot better than what followed, this is cool heavy groovin' CA blues rock with 3rd on the bill ballroom vibes a-plenty.
Record: F; lots of light surflines/marks, but it plays rather ok - has background surfnoise, but since it's a loud album this isn't getting in the way too much (apart from between tracks, where it's obviously more noticeable).
Cover: G; seam/spine/corner/wear; light ring/shelfwear; light wear f/b at opening; gentle bends/creases/wrinkles.
Price: SOLD

MARI BOINE PERSEN - Jaskatvuoda Manná (Hot Club) Norway 1985
Scarce debut LP from one of the biggest names in present-day Sami music. This is however not a folk LP, but rather an extremely 80s-sounding mishmash of things... including a Lennon-cover. Pretty rare though.
Record: looks G with heavy paper scuffing - I spotchecked though & it plays perfectly; slight warp nap.
Cover: VG; light overall wear + gentle bending/creasing. Original inner.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

DENNIS PETTERSSON - Motalapromenaden (Barrikaden) Sweden 1976
Privately released singersongwriter with full backing, including appearance from members of Gunder Hägg, Archimedes Badkar,
Solen Skiner, and several long tracks.
Record: G; no serious marks.
Cover: G; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; very small wobc; distribution stobc; minimal wear at opening f/b; some
age-yellowing & soiling; light cornerbends/bumps & some faint creases. Original inner.
Price: SEK 60 / $6

NEW! PLANT AND SEE - same (White Whale) USA 1969
Semi-heavy, bluesy rock with Steppenwolf-moves on some tracks, esp "Poor Rich Man". Band became Lumbee a year later.
Record: nice & glossy VG.
Cover: G; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear + additional 1" wear mid-spine & some of the same mid-bottom spine; some ring/shelfwear, mostly obc; some minor bends/bumps/creases; drillhole.
Price: SOLD
plant  seejpg

MARTTI POKELA - Kantele Of Finland (Scandia) Finland 1969
One of the top kantele guys & an essential LP if you're into this instrument and/or Finnish folk music.
Record: G; light surfmarks/lines only, plays fine.
Cover: very strong F; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; cover's a bit wavy & has minor bends/creases; 3 small tobc, white-on-white; light stkr stain ofc; shop stobc; minimal soiling f/b.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

Seldom seen & really cool Finnish comp, released on a Love sub-label. I'm guessing there's some sort of concept/theme at play here, but it's all lost on me apart from the fact that the whole LP hangs together really well with well-written songs & elaborate arrangements in a pop-rock-folk style which at times borders on sunshine pop, but there's also jazz & bossa influences, and strident femme vocals & an undefined but strongly Finnish edge keeps it well away from any cheesiness. Third track on s2 has a riff that could have been Hawkwind, had the setting been (very) different!
Record: s1 VG, s2 G with light surflines only.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; some very light bending/creasing; small price tag ofc; minimal soiling.
Price: SEK 300 / $33

PUKAJ WAYRA - Ama Sua Ama Qhella Ama Llulla (Vol. 2) (Urspår) Sweden 1981
Original release on a label mostly known for prog & avant rock, not least Samla-related releases, but here's a Bolivian folk outfit. Nice album.
Record: strong VG; a few very light surf marks & scuffing only.
Cover: nice VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; minimal ring/shelfwear; 1" minor split top seam at middle; very light creasing/
bending in a few spots; one faintly bumped corner; minimal wear at opening f/b.
Price:  SEK 40 / $5

PRETTY THINGS - Gigantes Del Pop (Fontana) Spain 1981

Actually a re of their first LP, dressed up/down in the unfortunate design of this series.
very strong VG+; light warp nap.
VG+; very light overall wear only.
SEK 100 / $11    

 QUEEN IDA And The Bon Temps Bands - Zydeco (GNP Crescendo) USA 1976
Their 1st. Cool cover art.
G; downgraded because of surflines/marks & paper scuffing (typically for a funky GNP pressing), plays a lot better than grade; minor warp nap.
EX; in shrink; minimal overall wear.
SEK 40 / $5

NEW! QUEEN IDA And The Bon Temps Band - Zydeco a La Mode (GNP Crescendo) USA 1977
Follow-up; Digger/Free Family associate Steamin' Freeman guests on violin.
VG; as above - surflines/scuffing/GNP funkiness, but apart from some very light surfnoise between tracks you won't notice much; minor warp nap.
EX; in shrink; some light wear bottom seam at opening + minimal overall wear.
SEK 40 / $5

RAIMON - Catalonian Protest Songs (Broadside) USA 1971
Original Broadside pressing.
s1 VG+, s2 VG with some very light surflines - both sides look to have barely been played.
very strong VG+; in shrink; downgraded because of one tiny & minor cornerbump + it has one tiny ballpoint stroke beneath shrinkwrap (suggesting a re-seal?). Booklet.
SEK 60 / $7

NEW! JIMMY RANEY - Momentum (MPS) German 1975
Guitar/bass/drums trio.
nice VG; fo; light seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear; a few very light bends/creases; very light soiling obc.
SEK 100 / $11

NEW! ENRICO RAVA - The Pilgrim And The Stars (ECM) Germany 1975
Great LP with Abercrombie, Danielsson, Christensen.
beautiful EX.
very nice VG+; price tags ofc + some typical ECM age-yellowing, not much else.
SEK 250 / $27
enrico ravajpg

NEW! ENRICO RAVA - The Plot (ECM) Germany 1977
Same line-up as above.
s1 EX, s2 strong VG with light surflines only.
VG; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear (mostly on black bc); very light creasing along seams/spine; minor lamination lifts in a few places obc.
SEK 200 / $22

NEW! ENRICO RAVA QUARTET - same (ECM) Germany 1978
With Roswell Rudd, J.F. Jenny-Clark, Aldo Romano.
beautiful EX.
very strong VG+; price tag ofc + very light overall wear only.
SEK 200 / $22

RETSINA AND BOUZOUKI Greek songs of Love and Loneliness (HMV) Greece 19??
Very rare V/A 10" with Stelios Cazantzides, Yota Lydia, Polly Panou, Emmanuel Angelopoulos a o. Mixed vocals. I'd hazard a guess that it's an early 60s release, but I really don't have a clue. No matter what, it's a great 'authentic' record & some tracks - like the opener on side two - are downright excellent.
looks a strong F; quite a lot of light surfmarks, scuffing etc, but nothing very deep or serious & it plays rather good - some surfnoise, but apart from between tracks you won't notice much.
semi-weak G; seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; tiny splits both seams at opening; some light bends/creases; light wear ofc at opening; very light soiling obc; minimal tofc.
SEK 150 / $16

NEW! ROSE GARDEN - same (Atco) USA 1968
very nice VG; surfmarks s2t1 don't do anything.
strong G; light seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small shop stofc; a bit faded on/next to spine & top
seam; slight cornerbend/bump; top seam's very slightly tweaked, likely in manufacture; stain ofc; some very light soiling;
SEK 100 / $11

RÖDA KAPELLET - Party Music / Partimusik (Avanti) Sweden 1976

Fun oddball Swedish prog that's difficult to describe - from heavy & powerful (check the great "Morron Med Siw") to goofy & plain weird, sometimes during the course of just one track (like the 10:20 "Bingo Flamingo" & 16:09 "Lärling"). Mixed vocals.
Record: looks G with lots of light marks/lines, but plays very nicely.
Cover: nice G; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light cornerbends/bumps; very light scrape marks obc at opening; very light wear at opening f/b; some faint bending & creasing. Insert.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

MONGO SANTAMARIA - Stone Soul (Columbia) USA 1969
Record: G; light surfmarks/lines/scuffing etc, but they do very little.
Cover: strong G; really light seam/cornerwear; discreet 2" split mid-spine & 1" split & wear bottom seam; some ring/shelfwear; minimal tobc at opening.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! SAVAGE ROSE - Vi Kaemper For At Sejre (Nexo) Denmark 1984
Very nice copy of scarce later LP.
Record: M-; looks unplayed.
Cover: VG+; some seam/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; small shop stofc; small distr stobc. Insert + poster.
Price: SEK 300 / $33
savage rosejpg

NEW! SKY SAXON BLUES BAND - A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues (GNP Crescendo) USA 1967
Sticking to useful buyer information, I feel obliged to reveal that the original owner of this eventually became the mayor of a small north-Swedish mountain town, before his premature death a few years ago. Not really familiar with his politics, but with a bit of Sky in his youthful head/veins I guess it can't have been all bad. Tatty copy, but somehow this goes well with the sleazy up-to-no-good sounds.
Record: F; lotsa marks/lines/scuffs, but it plays through & in a not too bad manner either; stol s1.
Cover: F with all sorts of blemishes - some writing, black tape on top seam, minor soiling etc etc, but nothing totally horrible.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON / FIRE WALL - A Groovy Thing (New Rose) France 1986
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG.
Cover: EX; some very light seam/cornerwear; a tiny bit of stkr residue ofc; minimal crease ofc at opening; punch hole. Original inner.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

FREDDIE SCOTT - I Shall Be Released (Probe) USA 1970
Record: strong F; nice & shiny, but small scratches cause minor intermittent noise & pops + some very occasional pressing noise s2 - overall playing just fine though.
Cover: VG; in shrink; some seam/spine/cornerwear where shrink's popped open; wofc benath shrinnk; really light wear at opening f/b; drillhole.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! DON SEBESKY - The Rape Of El Morro (CTI) USA 1975
Rather fun LP with plenty of killer Joe Beck shredding. Cool cover design as well.
Record: strong VG+; light scuffs s1 don't do anything.
Cover: VG+; fo; two small & light stains inside gatefold + a slightly flat spine; rest's just some very light overall wear. Sawcut.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! SEOMPI - Summer's Comin' On Heavy b/w Lay On The Floor (Blackstar) USA 1971
Very rare 7" by legendary TX hardrock/psych/prog band. I got this & the one below from a local guy 20 years ago - he and his brother both bought doubles & triples of most things they liked, and since they lived in the same house they'd frequently end up with a whole bunch of copies & occasionally they'd come by my store to trade off a few. Anyway, these Seompis came from a find of unplayed copies & while I doubt the brothers had ever played either of them, I've spun them a total of maybe five times, tops, so rest assured they're both really nice examples!
Record: EX; faint inaudible surf scuff s2.
Cover: -
Price: SOLD
seompi summersjpg

NEW! SEOMPI - Almost In The Whole / Slide Slide (Blackstar) USA 1971?
See above for further details.
Record: EX
Cover: -
Price: SOLD
seompi almostjpg

MARIE SELANDER / STYRBJÖRN BERGELT / SUSANNE BROMS - Å Än Är Det Glädje Å Än Är Det Gråt (Ett Minne För Livet)
Sweden 1976
Great LP with folk songs from various Swedish regions, as well as Finland & Estonia, performed on ancient instruments + vocals. Comes with a 16-page booklet, full of notes (Swedish & English) & pics of instruments etc.
Record: VG+; some paper scuffing (esp s2), but this hasn't seen many spins.
Cover: G; black cover that wears easily - seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light cornerbump; some light bends/creases along spine & seams; very light wear f/b at opening. Booklet.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

SONS OF CHAMPLIN - same (Gold Mine) USA 1975
Record: G; light surfmarks/lines only.
Cover: nice VG with some minor overall wear only.
Price: SEK 60 / $7

SOUTHWEST F.O.B. - Smell Of Incense (Big Beat) Germany 1988
Partial (some lost, some added) re of 1968 Texas psych/softrock; good version of titletrack, odd nude cover looks like it was originally designed for some Russ Meyer movie poster.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 EX.
Cover: EX; just a touch of really light overall wear.
Price: SEK 60 / $7  ***HOLD***

NEW! THE SPACIOUS MIND - Reality D. Blipcrotch (Goddamn I'm A Countryman) Sweden 2002
Found a few of these in Hank The Prank's insanely overfilled storage space when we had another rec session recently. Never came sealed.
Record: New/unplayed
Cover: New; inserts.
Price: SEK 120:- / $13
tsm 10jpg

THE SPACIOUS MIND - The Drifter (Trail) USA 2018
CD comp of scarce material from circa 1997-2005, housed in a neat trifold digipak with somewhat extensive liner notes from band scholar Wilmot Clawson. This is the preferable revised 2nd edition. New/sealed copies - wholesale inquiries welcome!
Price: SEK 120 / $13

NEW! MICHAEL SPIRO - Listen To Me (Midas) USA 1977
Neat folkrock/ssw private pressing; acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums, congas, flute, vibes, vocal harmonies etc...
still a rather sparse, airy sound. 1st pressing.
Record: strong VG+.
Cover: strong G; some age-yellowing/light stains/soiling obc, but apart from this just some light overall wear.
Price: SOLD
michael spirojpg

NEW! SPRING - same (no label) Euro 19??
Euro boot (late 80s?) of highly regarded 1971 UK 'tron prog, originally on Neon. Elaborate triple gatefold is replicated here.
Record: s1 VG+ because of a light mark causing some faint background surfnoise in a few spots, but mostly playing perfectly & s2 is EX.
Cover: EX; triple-fo; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

SONNY STITT / ZOOT SIMS - Inter-Action (Cadet) USA 197?
Pink/yellow label pressing of 1966 LP.
Record: EX
Cover: strong VG+; some slight storage wear only; sawcut.
Price: SEK 50 / $6

Rather good soft singersongwriter, kinda reminds me of a poor man's David Ackles at times.
Record: G; looks a lot better, but some insignificant background surfnoise comes through in places.
Cover: very strong VG; fo; would've been a solid VG+ if it weren't for three minor splits - any other wear is very insignificant.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

SUPER-DUPER BLUES (Blue Horizon) UK 1969

Comp of various LP cuts from the expected ones... Mac, Bennett, Boyd, Dupree a o.
Record: strong VG; a few light surflines/marks only. Tiny chip of intro groove is missing, of course not affecting play.
Cover: VG; downgraded because of back having been damp/wet at some point which has left a faint discolouration at top + a slightly wavy feel. Apart from this light general wear only; ancient price tag ofc + stereo stobc
Price: SEK 40 / $5

THE SUPER GROUPS (Atco) Germany 1969
Rascals, Iron Butterfly, Buffalo Springfield, Vanilla Fudge, Cartoone. Different cover than on the US pressing.
Record: G; looks very nice but plays withs some occasional background surfnoise + small pressing marks s1t1,3 which cause 5-8 pops each track.
Cover: lower end of G; seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; stkr residue ofc; small shop stobc; light stains obc; light wear f/b at opening; small tofc; some light bends & creases.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

THE SWEDISH MODERN JAZZ GROUP - Sax Appeal (Barben) Sweden 1960

Scarce Swedish jazz with Lars Gullin, Nils Lindberg, Sture Nordin a o.
Record: F; surfnoise & some pops/ticks here & there, but it's never out of hand & loud cuts play just fine; very light warp nap (really light swoosh very beginning s2 comes from something else I believe).
Cover: F; rather decent except for a chewed corner & lamination peeling ofc, but also light seam/spine/cornerwear + less than 1" minor wear mid-spine; some wear f/b at opening; minor lamination loosening obc; very light lamination tear obc; a few very light bends/creases; yellow tone obc has probably gone a bit more so with age.
Price: SOLD
sax appealJPG

NEW! SWEETWATER - Melon (Reprise) USA 1971
Record: VG+
Cover: strong VG; in shrink; very light seam/cornerwear; 1/2" split top seam at opening; tiny cornerbend; really small ding/tear ofc at opening; cc.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

TA AYPOTIKA (Minos) Greece 1975
Excellent Greek LP with gypsy & mid-eastern vibes, bouzouki & other stringed instruments, bass, hand percussion, violin, strong vocals.
 nice G; light surflines & scuffing only.
VG; fo; some seam/spine/corner/edgewear; light ring/shelfwear ofc, a bit more obc; very light wear at opening f/b; some light creasing at spine & obc near opening; name written inside gatefold.
SEK 60 / $7  

TAMBA 4 (A&M) USA 1969
Pretty rare mono copy of solid bossa/latin jazzy grooves & one of the Waxidermy label faves; "Chant of Ossanha" is especially good.
nice G; a few light marks & scuffing only.
F; fo; main issues are ring/shelfwear & soiling f/b + two odd tobc, looks like Xacto knife cuts which have then become discoloured. In addition to these details, there's also light overall wear + a drillhole.
SEK 100 / $11

NEW! JAMES TAYLOR - First Album (Apple) Holland 1972
Later Dutch issue (but, I think, the 1st pressing from there) of his fine 1968 debut.
VG+ except for small mark s1t2 which pops lightly & briefly.
VG; main issue's an old sealing stkr f/b, apart from this it's just light general wear.
SEK 200 / $22

TBC - Musik I Plast (Mjälthugg) Sweden 1978
Very rare original of north-Swedish punk rock 7"; yellow vinyl.
  s1 F, plays with surfnoise & some scattered ticks & pops, but still rather ok, s2 P with much more prominent surfnoise (gets better on 2nd track though); micro warp nap. No skips.
F; super-thin (think newspaper & then go down from there) & flimsy wrap-around cover has bends & creases, as well as a few tears - most critical one ofc upper right hand corner (see pic); also 1" split mid-bottom seam.
SEK 150 / $16

TEARS - same (Gazell) Sweden 1974

Scarce 1st from Swedish glamrockers; spacey production & melodic songs with a bit of late 60s UK feel.
Record: strong G; light surface marks only.
Cover: VG; fo; spine's slightly flattened & there's a small 'x' wofc, but apart from this very light overall wear only.
Price: SOLD

TELLER BUNTE KNETE - ...Macht Musik! (no label) Germany 1980

For 15 years or so one of my fave obscure German LPs has been the Teller Bunte Knete 'Stadtsmensch' record, which a Swedish-German metal guy hipped me to back in the early days of my shop. This privately pressed follow-up is even more obscure it seems & they stick to quirky folk-based sounds, but have lost a bunch of members & also most of the slightly sad hippie folk vibe that made their 1st such a winner. Still a pretty interesting under-the-radar LP though.
Record: s1 VG+, s2 VG because of some light surflines, but they don't do anything.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; minimal tofc; some bends/creases along spine/top seam; a couple of slightly bumped corners; minimal wear at opening; small wobc; distribution stobc.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

NEW! JUKKA TOLONEN - Tolonen! (Love) Finland 1971
Hadn't listened to this in full since, oh, the late 90s or so, but I gave it a spin now & was surprised to find that I sort of like it... much more creative & edgy than I recalled. Or, "Ramblin'" loses me because it sounds exactly like I thought the entire LP did, but all of the rest's pretty cool! 1st pressing.
Record: looks G with lots of light lines & marks, but nothing deep or serious & playback's VERY nice.
Cover: strong F; seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; light wear at opening f/b; some light bends/creases; very tiny cornerbumps; really light/small tofc. This cover is almost always worn & the copy here's no worse than what you typically see.
Price: SOLD

NEW! TRAFFIC - Last Exit (Island) UK 1971
Palm tree label pressing of awesome 1969 LP. I bought my first copy of this when I was 16 & fifteen minutes later I managed to smash my glasses. Blind owl that I am I could barely find my way back home & in order to get back to town that same evening, where there was a gig by some band I can't recall, I had to locate a spare pair but the only thing I found was the ones I wore when I was 12. Thinking I looked like a total dork I made sure I had my face covered by a wall of hair, until a friend said 'Hey, you look like Ray Manzarek in those glasses", which made things a wee bit better. File under unremarkable tales from crypt.
Record: G; plays WAY better.
Cover: G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; light soiling obc; minor cornerbump; some faint bends/creases; small tobc at opening.
Price: SEK 120 / $13

NEW! TRAVIS - To Be As Free As You (Unity) USA 1975
Relaxed folk/softrock private pressing with 12-string, flute etc.  They should've done a laidback cover of the Carrie Nations' "Come Here The Gentle People"!
Record: VG+ because of light inner sleeve scuffing - but has been played just once, literally & by yours truly. Storage warp nap on my table.
Cover: very strong EX; in shrink; a really light cornerbump from being stone perfect.
Price: SOLD

NEW! CHARLIE TWEDDLE - Fantastic Greatest Hits (no label) USA 1974
Many of the records which have earned a great deal of their reputation from ancient Paul Major write-ups tend to leave me somewhat cold - I'm not terribly impressed by Fraction, Marcus, Grudzien, Trimble... but I do like Harlowe, Higney - and Tweddle. This one contains so many universes that you can have it on repeat for days without ever being able to encompass it all - backporch at sunset acid folk roots never did sound finer. Cover's up there with the best as well.
Record: looks a clean VG with mostly just very minor surflines, but s1 plays with some minor background noise + a very tiny warp causes a soft thump on intro grooves, but it's drowned out once the music starts (if you listen hard for it you'll notice it again at a later point, where music gets really quiet - but it's firmly of a VERY discreet background character). This side should be fully enjoyable by most except the stone mint fanatics. S2 has more surfnoise to the fore, due to its extremely quiet nature ('mostly the sound of crickets', if you recall) & is less fun to sit through (then again a bunch of you would probably never play this side anyway!). For what it's worth I've never heard (of) a copy that plays perfectly, seems some surfnoise is part of the fun here. And it's also worth noting that this came here graded as EX...
Cover: very strong G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; very light ring/shelfwear; top seam split 1" at opening, bottom 2" at middle,
small tobc; minimal wear obc at opening. Displays well!
Price: SOLD

Live recorded Swedish free jazz on piano/sax/drums.
strong VG with very light scuffing & surflines only, except for small marks s1t1 which in two different spots cause faint background surfnoise & some pops/ticks - it's rather brief though & overall track plays fine.
nice G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; very light creasing at spine; one bent corner.

UMEÅ BIG BAND with SLIDE HAMPTON - In Montreux (Gazell) Sweden 1971

Great LP with Lars Lystedt, Bertil Strandberg, Rune Gustafsson a o. Used to come with a higher price tag only a few years ago.
Record: strong VG; very light surflines only.
Cover: very nice EX; minimal overall wear only.
Price: SEK 80 / $9
ume bbjpg

UNDERGROUND SUNSHINE - Let There Be Light (Intrepid) USA 1969
A real band, but there's nevertheless some exploito vibes here, not bad though & even if it had been, you'd forget all about this as soon as the 8:35 "Gimme Some Lovin'" or 11:53 (original) "Take Me, Break Me" come on, with their monster extended fuzz soloing. Most LPs of this ilk have since long left the farm, but I still hold on to a copy of this & actually even play it (or those two tracks anyway) every now & then as well!
Record: EX
Cover: VG; very light rw; light seam/spine/cornerwear: 2" split top seam at opening; absolutley minimal wear at bottom opening f/b; small wobc; one very light/faint scrape mark/tear ofc; nearly invisible press or rubbing marks ofc.
Price: SEK 60 / $7  ***HOLD***

NEW! URIAH HEEP - Salisbury (Bronze) UK 1971
Only months later re of Vertigo classic.
Record: G; mostly just light lines, ugly scuff s1 hardly does a thing.
Cover: G; fo; seam/spine/corner/edgewear; ring/shelfwear; light creases at spine; 1" thin tear obc at opening; some wear obc at opening.
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! JASPER VAN'T HOF - However (MPS) Germany 1978
Fusion with Bob Malik, John Lee & Alphonse Mouzon in addition to van't Hof's massive keyboard set-up.
Record: G; light lines/surfmarks only.
Cover: strong VG; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; very light ring/shelfwear; very light creasing along spine/seams; minimal tobc; near-invisble scrape marks ofc (from removal of price tag, I'd guess).
Price: SEK 150 / $16

NEW! VILGOT - Sjöman (Kommun 2) Sverige 2007
Heady underground sounds, closely connected to later outfits like Agusa & Nepal Death. 300 copies only.
Record: unplayed, but has a bunch of light surflines, which should do little or nothing.
Cover: beautiful EX with absolutely minimal storage wear only. Insert.
Price: SEK 300 / $33

Fine eclectic LP & the closing 9:18 organ/tabla/trumpet drone of "Inner Organs" is outstanding.
Record: M-; looks unplayed.
Cover: VG; 'Digitak ECM' stofc & some ring/shelfwear ofc, rest's some super-light general wear only.
Price: SOLD

WALLACE COLLECTION - same (Capitol) USA 1969
US issue of Belgian psych pop recorded in the UK (& sounding it too).
Record: strong G; mostly playing at least one grade higher, but a tiny mark end s1t2 pops a few times & beginning of s2t2 has some noise/ticks.
Cover: VG; light seam/spine/cornerwear; some ring/shelfwear ofc; tiny split top seam at opening; tiny split on very bottom of spine; super-light discolouration along parts of seams; minimal wear f/b at opening; drillhole.
Price:  SOLD

THE WHO - Live At Leeds (Track) UK 1970
Red print on front cover.
Record: looks very strong F, but it's light surflines & scuffing only, plays rather nicely, some minor crackle/noise in the few quiet parts.
Cover: very strong F; downgraded because of stain ofc, rest's pretty nice with some seam/spine/cornerwear; light rw; light bends/creases; a tiny bit of soiling. 9/12 inserts, missing photos (band & Woodstock) & Marquee poster.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

WHO - Who's Next (Polydor) Germany/Norway 1971
Record: overall VG, but s2t1 has a light scratch that ticks lightly here & there, and s2t4 has a small scratch which pops 8 times.
Cover: VG; some seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; some wear/small tears at opening f/b; light creases ofc; minor loosening of lamination at spine, mostly obc.
Price: SEK 40 / $4

SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON - Blues Classics By (Arhoolie) USA 197?

2nd pressing (with Aarhoolie info bottom back) of 1964 LP.
Record: beautiful EX; looks to be unplayed; tiny warp nap.
Cover: very strong VG+ with some really light overall wear only.
Price: SEK 80 / $9

NEW! GARY WINKLES - Next Good Warm Day (no label) USA 1978
Really obscure singersongwriter with a kinda shorthaired D.R. Hooker look & full band backing with some rural moves in places, but too clean to get that real haystack vibe rollin'. "Nudged From The Nest", "Gold Panner's Dream" a o. Nice cover.
Record: VG+; was sealed & played once, but nevertheless there are some faint scuffs etc - they do little/nothing though.
Cover: very strong EX; in shrink; absolutely minimal overall wear. Orig inner.
Price: SOLD
gary winklesjpg

NEW! WIZARDS OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN - same (Spliffen) Ireland 2015
12" five-tracker by stoney Irish hardrock outfit. Pretty cool black cover design (capturing this would be far beyond my photographic skills though) & label name/design is a funny-dumb take on Geffen.
Record: VG; some lines/scuffs, but very light ones only & most were probably there from the get-go, as is often the casewith new vinyl.
Cover: very strong VG+ with minimal general wear only; given the design I kinda doubt these would look any nicer even when brand-new. Orig black inner + insert & dl card.
Price: SEK 250 / $27

STEVE YORK'S CAMELO PARDALIS - Manor Live (Virgin) UK 1973

Bluesy, gritty, rootsy, jazzy rock, some Stones-moves, with Mike Patto, Ollie Halsall, Lol Coxhill, Boz Scaggs, Dave Thompson, Elkie Brooks & more.
Record: VG
Cover: strong G; some seam/spine/cornerwear; budding 1" split mid-bottom; ring/shelfwear, mostly ofc; light scrape marks/thin tears bottom front; a few light creases; light wear at opening f/b; ding at opening & spine; very light soiling obc.
Price: SEK 100 / $11

NEW! STEVE YOUNG - Rock Salt & Nails (A&M) USA 1969
Highly rated 1st.
Record: VG+
Cover: EX; still has 95% of shrinkwrap; minimal overall wear + drillhole.
Price: SOLD
steve youngjpg

YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED - Just A Melody (MCA) Germany 1969?
Record: G
Cover: VG; minor seam/spine/cornerwear; light ring/shelfwear; small shop stobc; very light wear at opening f/b; micro tobc;
a few very light creases at spine.
Price: SEK 40 / $5

ZAPPA/MOTHERS - Roxy & Elsewhere (Discreet) UK 1974
Orig UK issue of massive 2LP-set.
Records: both beautiful EX.
Cover: G; fo; some seam/spine/cornerwear; ring/shelfwear; small tear/price tag residue ofc; very light wear ofc at opening; a few light bends/creases.
Price: SOLD

NEW! ZOMBIES - Time Of The Zombies (Epic) USA 1979
Late 70s issue of 2LP set which contains singles & previously unreleased stuff on disc one (with s1 being in mono) & the entire Odessey LP on disc two.
Records: disc 1 EX, disc 2 VG+ (a few very light surflines only).
Cover: nice VG; fo; very light seam/spine/cornerwear; minor ring/shelfwear; light soiling ofc.
Price: SOLD