Revolution Coast Records are free-from-it-all & intend to stay that way. We release the heavy stuff, the heady crowd & the dharma blues, but we do not hurry. Coming releases (don’t hold your breath) could possibly include 1st longplayer from our prime purveyors of darkness, Sentimental Pet; first new release in ten years by backwoods mystic (right on!) Jens; the long-awaited debut LP from legendary hoedowners Blackfoot Boojy Boys; 1st reissue of underground private press rumour Moses Whisperwood. Aimin' to please since 2016!  

RCROO1 PSP Cowboy Cathedral 
Psych/experimental/basement/cult sounds from a place few have ever visited; electric guitars & old world monochrome electronics & organ buzz & burn atop drums & percussion & rumbling bass & drones looking for the way home; voices come and go & speak of the revolution. It's all 'chaos and confusion', as earlier brothers used to sing. Old bent collector trees ramble about Concrete Rubber Band, Madrigal, Yod & a sidetrip further down that country road than Virgil Caine ever dared to go, whiffs of Teutonical head overload drifting through it all. And even if you don't catch any of that, chances are you'll still agree on this: it's dark, ugly & primitive & you won't hear much like it anytime soon. 300 copies with insert.

Wicked promo video:
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"...fullkomligt lysande..." (Dennis Fahlgren, Norran)
"Genialiskt." (Jan-Erik Zandersson,
"[A] satanic ritual going on in some dark, dank basement that one hopes the authorities never find out about. These surely must be the freakiest sounds these guys have ever laid down on wax." (Jeff Penczak, The Terrascope)
"...brilliant, primitive, chaotic, eclectic..." (Phil McMullen, from coming review in Bull Tongue Review)
"It's a darkly disturbing recording drawing on the fears and solitude of the wild forests close to [the] homestead. /.../ A record of many contrasts and hard to pigeonhole it will no doubt attain cult status in time." (Richard Allen, Shindig! Magazine)
"What a special record." (Scott  Heller, Scott's Music Reviews)
" PSP’s surreal sole outing (so far) is a multifaceted sonic trip /.../  throbs with a dark, murky psychedelia /.../  If you’re a fan of Krautrock and/or the work of The Spacious Mind and you haven’t heard PSP’s Cowboy Cathedral LP, then you are seriously missing out on something special.  /.../  deserve[s] a tsunami of praise."   (Keith Hadad,

For further information, dealer inquiries etc: revolutioncoastrecords [at] hotmail [dot] com
Individual copies should be ordered from jens [at] beautifullies [dot] se

Up against the wall  

Pouring Its Light Into Ashes